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Coming to Grips with Quirky Ideas

Quirky Interiors It’s great that we all have different interests and ideas about how we live, it creates a well balanced society. The hardest part about this as an interior designer is putting aside your interests and ideas and getting into the client’s headspace.  So here are some tips on how to work with quirky …

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Individuality in Design

Individuality in Design I have been visiting a lot of homes lately and noticing how different the people live to me. I know that I wouldn’t choose to configure my home like they have but it works for them. As an interior designer it is not my role to change the way they live – …

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My Home is My Castle

My Home is My Castle I write this article after nearly two years of upheaval in my city. We had a major earthquake on February 22 2011 and the people of Christchurch’s lives will never be the same again. They lost their homes, some lost family members, jobs were ended abruptly because the entire central city was closed down and most of it is now …

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Beware the Designer Value Added

Please – Beware the Designer Value Added What are you talking about? I am talking about being blinded with a title of designer or architect. It is like any field there are good and bad designers and architects, so take each on their own merit, not just because they have a qualification. I know I am here to teach you …

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The Importance of Interior Design

In my recent experience of shifting house, I was acutely reminded of the importance of interior design. This was for many reasons with the main reason being the maximizing and planning of space. We have downsized in square meterage yet still need to fit most of our possessions into this space. Here are where my interior design skills come in. You …

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A Personal Note from Lee Brown

Yeah Hah! Hi everyone, This is a personal note from me. I know I am very opinionated when it comes to design, but that’s ok, designers are very passionate people and have strong beliefs in their ideas. I am writing now to say I hope you jolly well appreciate all the hard work I have done over the last six months redesigning the website network and …

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