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The first blog post from Willow College, so yes we say “Hello World, and a big welcome to Willow College!” We have been born from interiordezine.com – our mother ship so to speak. Some of you may be familiar with us, some of you may be brand new, so once again Welcome! (Updated from here down – 20th January 2025)

Willow College is all about you learning Interior Design and Decorating in an easy, on-the-go format, so you can study anytime, anywhere. That’s it in a nutshell – short and sweet, easy peasy. We use this blog to keep you up to date with design and what courses we are creating.

How do I Enrol?

At the moment we have a small selection of home interior courses available:

Interior Design – Develop Essential Design Skills – Learn how to look at the world in a different way – start to see spaces like a designer. Learn processes to guide you through tasks. Understand why decisions get made. The topics include: Design Theory, Styles and Periods, Lighting, Fittings and Fixtures, Construction, History of Furniture, Stairs, Materials, Documentation, Color, Decoration, Curtain Design, Presentation, Design Business and more.

Interior design course

Interior Decorating – Learn about Color, Styles and Periods, Lighting, Materials, Curtain Design, Decoration, Presentation, Design Concepts, Client Management, History of Furniture and more.

Interior decorating at willow college

Color for Interiors – Learn Color Theory, Color, Pattern, Texture, Color Meanings, Types of Color Schemes, Creating Color Schemes, Personal Color, Neutrals, Presentation, Lighting, Working with Clients. 

color at willowcollege.com

Curtain Design – Learn all about Types of Headings, Types of Curtains, Types of Blinds, Types of Windows, Curtain Design Theory, Fabric, Managing Clients, Presentation.

welcome to willow college.com

How to Become a Successful Color Consultant in 12 Weeks – Learn about color theory, color schemes, understanding color meanings, what is paint, how to create and document color schemes, understanding light and how that dictates how we see color, basic decorating skills, brain storming ideas, presentation, sketching, mood boards, color boards, how to sell your color scheme, mastering social media, the project process, marketing, design theory, how to manage your first meeting, programming your work, practice scenarios, what can go wrong and how to fix it, managing client’s expectations, business checklist, how to make your business run smoothly and how to have fun. Of course! As well as how to set up your successful color consultancy business. We guide you through: setting up your name, your business plan, checking out your competition, working out how much to charge, setting up your budget, quoting for a job, creating your business systems for when you are ready to expand, insurance, your terms and conditions, how to take a client brief, understanding time, cashflow, marketing plan, SWOT analysis, your brand, making your business legit, keeping up appearances, motivation and energy, confidence in yourself, continuing education, and basically everything you need to be a success in your new color consultancy business.

welcome to willowcollege.com

We hope to have you on board and fulfill your dreams of working in the interior design field.

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Welcome to Willow College – we hope you join us to learn online today.

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