How to Have Fun with Your Interior Without Spending a Cent

In the current world financial situation, money no longer grows on trees! Did it ever?

Money is a lot harder to come by, people are afraid of losing their jobs, worried about their financial future and less likely to be committing to making major changes to their home interiors, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and put up with the status quo. We can have fun and change our interiors without having to spend a cent, I call it no cost decorating! We just need to get a little creative! Here are some ideas on how you can make your home feel like it has had a makeover without spending a cent.

no cost decorating

No cost decorating ideas

  • shift furniture into different rooms, it’s amazing how a change of environment can make a piece of furniture look completely different
  • rearrange your artwork on the walls, reposition mirrors – these help change the light in your room and depending on where you place them, can make a room feel larger
  • clean your walls. I know this sounds too simple, but over time all the little knocks and bumps leave marks, from experience your existing walls can look like they have just been repainted if you give them a good scrub. I use sugar soap – brilliant stuff
  • take down your curtains and give them a vacuum (Hoover – or whatever you call it in your country) Spot clean them, and as for above, they will look much brighter and look as good as new.
  • have a chat with your neighbor and see if they want to swap any home decor for a few months until you both tire of it again. This could be an area rug, artificial flower arrangement, decorative pots, sculpture, wall hanging, vases, coat stands, foot stools, cushions, basically anything that you are sick of looking at. Instead of storing it in the garage or throwing it away, share it and when it comes time to swap back, you may have created new feelings for it!
  • some banks, stores and credit card companies offer rewards points or dollars. Have you thought about using those to get a few new decorative items for your home. An easy way to have the feel good factor of something new without having to part with any money.
  • dig to the back of your linen cupboard and pull out the towels that never get used, bring them to the front and it will feel like you have new towels for your bathroom.
no cost decorating
  • the same can be said for bed linen, sheets, duvet covers, pillow slips, cushion covers and bedspreads. We often have more than one but forget about them stuffed down the back of the cupboard, clean out the cupboards and see what you can drag out, mix and match them in your different rooms and you have a new look! Check for throw rugs and cushions that may have been stored away, drag them out give them a dust and find them a new home and store your existing ones back in the cupboard!
  • look in the garage for things that have been put away. Pack up things in the house that you have had enough of looking at, and swap them over. These could be floor standing lamps, side table lamps, collections of glass figurines, children’s crafts that you just couldn’t part with, and could provide a talking point now they have grown up, a stack of vintage suitcases that you didn’t know what to do with, place a linen cover on top and use them as a side table, similar thing with old hat boxes
  • paint the outdoor pots a different color, let’s face it we all have paint lying around in our garage, take it out and give the outside a revamp, perhaps paint the front door a new color, or the letterbox
  • make a feature wall from spare wallpaper, if it’s textured you could always paint it to add color, or just paint a wall and make it a feature

Well those are just a few ideas to get you started with no cost decorating. You can take on the challenge and give your home a quick makeover by using some of these ideas, I bet you will start to think of more as you get started. If you do, add them to the comments at the bottom of this post and share them with us.

Have fun!

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  1. I recently completed your online interior decor course. Thanks. I've learnt so much.

    Do curtains always have to be floor length? That seems to be the perception in most cases. Good fabric is expensive but I love it anyway and sometimes I get tempted to make short curtains so that I can save on fabric. What's your expert take?

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