You Must Choose Quality Fittings and Fixtures For Your Home

When it comes to what you can see in a room, make it look good! When it comes to what you can touch in a room, make it quality! You need good quality fittings and fixtures.

quality light fittings and fixtures

There is nothing worse than visiting a lovely big new home that your friends are proud of and you turn the lever of the door and it springs back at you! Ugh, cheap hardware. I say this as a designer but also a lover of things that work in a home interior.
Firstly, using the door hardware example, it is an expensive item no matter what, but a few extra dollars per door can make the experience of opening and closing a door just that much better.
Secondly, just think how many times a day this happens? How long before the economical (cheap) hardware wears out? Then you have to replace it all. Good quality hardware in high use areas is essential, not only because it feels good but because it will save you money in the long run. Think about the faucets or taps in the kitchen, main bathroom and laundry, how often do you use them? All day every day. It’s not such a hard decision is it really. What about light switches?
I went to visit a home that was built the same time as ours, approximately five years ago, we thought it was a bit bigger than ours and we could spread out a bit more! Well after we replaced all the light switches and power outlets that had cracked and gone yellow and brittle, the light fittings that had fallen off the wall, the wallpaper that had peeled off, broken basins and toilet seats, cracked tiles, stained carpet, should I go on…..? How much would that cost? Crazy! If the products had be specified to even a small level of quality, they would still all be of sound working order, who wants to buy a house and have to replace all the fittings and fittings in a five year old home, not us, false economy for the original owner, we moved on!
So what I am trying to say is shop around for quality, it does cost more, but it is out there and it really is worth while, especially if you our your client want to stay in your home long term.

Don’t forget about choosing quality fittings and fixtures

quality bathroom fittings and fixtures

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