Bureaucracy Creates Safe Environments

Ok, I have taken a bit of a battering about my last article on bureaucracy killing design creativity. I apologize. Perhaps New Zealand is just overloaded with bureaucrats, and after all we do live in an earthquake zone so our building standards do have to be very high.
Anyway I was having a bad day.
I did learn quite a bit from the feedback that I received though, and that was that some of you would love more rules and regulations in your countries that are just developing. I have traveled widely but not in a professional capacity, I haven’t delved into local rules and regulations of the countries that I have visited. You are more than welcome to have your say by posting a comment at the end of this article and enlighten us on how your building and design processes work.

Styles and Periods

It can take 3 to 4 months to get a building consent here. As I mentioned in my last article there are so many boxes to tick now and the drawings and details that need to go into every aspect of the documentation for building work, no matter what scale, from a renovated bathroom to a multi story building has increased considerably adding a very large cost to the customer.
The good thing about this is that I know I will be safe when I visit a shop, department store, factory, education facility as I know that there will be sprinklers, fire exit doors, disabled ramps and the materials used in the construction will be of a high quality and well constructed. All of this I take for granted and I now feel very privilaged to live in such a safe and comfortable country.
Only within the last few weeks did I see a building collapse overseas on TV (sorry can’t remember where) because someone had taken down the building next door. One day it just decided to collapse because it no longer had any structural support. Then I realize that our government does give a damn about our health and safety, that would never be allowed to happen in New Zealand.
So I can’t change the bureaucracy and now I have come to the conclusion that we are lucky to have it, and the design creativity will just have to get more creative to make sure it complies with all the rules and regulations! Learn interior design at WillowCollege.com

We need building rules and regulations – bureaucracy

So to conclude, feel free to let me and our readers know about your experiences with the rules and regulations of your country. I now have a passion for finding out how other country’s bureaucracy works and the progress the developing country’s are making!

bureaucracy creates safe environments
Bureaucracy creates safe environments
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