FACT: Just 2 coffee breaks a day is all you need to create your own “side hustle”.

Keep reading to learn why giving up 2 coffee breaks a day of your precious time can create a side hustle for you. Oh, and you still get to drink your coffee!
(Definition of Side Hustle – extra cash over and above your day job.)

Here’s a hint! >>>>>Don’t just lie there exhausted and happy with the status quo of your life like a cat, put your hand up for change and take control of your life and your money.

create a side hustle - become a color consultant

From the desk of your Expert Interior Designers at WillowCollege.com, Chris and Lee Brown

September 2022
New Zealand

We are known for being down to earth interior designers from down under with “practical and easy” to understand courses.

We know how time is important and scarce, we have three kids!

We know what it’s like to be creative and stuck in a 9 to 5 job and have family financial commitments.

You want to be creative and still be in a comfortable financial position.

You want your dream job and be in control of your time and how you use it.

You also know that you feel overwhelmed with life now and everything you have to deal with on a daily basis, that your dream job always seems out of reach.

You feel you can’t afford to study and work part time but deep down you know you are capable of running your own business and starting your side hustle while you continue with your day job.

The question is HOW?

How do you set up a “side hustle” without having any experience in business or any spare time?

You make a decision to change, and you stick to it.

Yeah , yeah, yeah, we hear you say. Heard it all before…….rah, rah, rah, you can make millions……blah, blah, blah…….it’s so easy……..

Create your own side hustle

Understandable, we know there are loads of offers out there to help you change your life, charge you lots of hard earned money, provide little guidance and promise to change your life forever in 3 easy steps!

You get excited with the hype, you want to change, you pay the money, you do more than the 3 easy steps they said it would take and find there’s still 20 more.

You give up as it’s too hard and you get pulled back into your everyday routine of life, chasing the next thing on your “to do” list and cooking in between pick up and drop off, the washing, mowing the lawns, taking out the trash, then of course you better get some beauty sleep.

Wake up and start all over again. I think there is a name for this – Ground Hog Day!

Here’s the Unchangeable Facts

make some extra cash - your side hustle
Our 9 to 5 job keeps us busy.
  • Change isn’t easy
  • Life isn’t getting any slower
  • The cost of living isn’t going down
  • There are only 24 hours in a day
  • We will always have commitments
  • Nothing is free
  • We will always want to choose the easy way

So What is the Answer?

family life balance - get a side hustle!
Our family are important.

The Answer is: Create your Side Hustle – Become a Color Consultant

create a side hustle - become an interior designer

There’s a very common saying – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

And nothing is, but with small regular amounts of work, you can build your own side hustle. That’s where the coffee comes into this! You were probably wondering by now what we were on about!

WillowCollege has a philosophy to make learning accessible and achievable for everyone. We believe that everyone should have the right to learn and improve their life no matter where they are from or how much money they have or their existing level of education.

We have managed to change the lives and fortunes of many around the world in the almost 19 years we have been online. We have created WillowCollege so that you can do a lesson in the time you have for a “coffee break”.

That means you can get your coffee, grab your smartphone, iPad, laptop or sit at your pc and complete a couple of lessons. It’s as easy as that. Here is the really cool part. This is the time your daily habit would normally be to stitch off, scroll through YouTube or Instagram, make a few comments, check out Facebook and see who’s having a better life than you, feel bad about yourself and go back to work having achieved nothing!

With WillowCollege, you can actually use that time, a time that was – let’s face it wasted time, and make it a positive learning experience time, a time you are making change without thinking about it or disrupting your daily routine and it is achievable, because you don’t have to dismantle your day to fit it in.

How cool is that? (Is “cool” still a cool word? Might be showing my age here! Just can’t bare to put in writing but perhaps – how “sick” is that?)


2 coffee breaks a day is all you need to create your own “side hustle”.

What is a Color Consultant and how/why is it a Side Hustle?

A Color Consultant helps people choose colors for their home. Sounds easy right? It is if you know about color and that’s why we are here.

Being a Color Consultant is a side hustle because you can choose the time you want to do the work and who you want to work with while you stil hold down your regular job. You are in control and you can do as little or as much work based on the time you have available and how much money you want to make. Let’s face it some weeks get bogged down and others lighten up, you choose when you want to work.

Sounds like it’s too good to be true? What if I know nothing about color – how can this possibly be my side hustle?


Color is fun – we want your side hustle to be enjoyable as well as profitable.

Color is great to share – we give you the confidence to create color schemes that you get paid for.

Color is easy to learn – we provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Color makes everyone happy – your side hustle will take off when you have happy customers and you and your family will be happy with some extra cash in your pocket.

I hear you say – “Hey – we see you love color but you didn’t answer our question? What if we don’t know anything about color?”

Apologies – we do get passionate about color and possibly got a bit side tracked with all they lovely images…….

Back to the Side Hustle and You!

Here’s just some of the color knowledge that gets unlocked for you in your Color Consultant Course:

  • A weekly guide to direct you through your learning.
  • A 12 week course that has a little bit of business and a lot of color every week
  • A roadmap to setting up your business (side hustle) slowly over the 12 weeks to make it an achievable task
  • Fun and yet professional color theory lessons
  • An insight into how color evokes emotions and how you can use that to create the mood in a room
  • Examples of color schemes
  • Instruction into documenting your schemes to sell
  • An insight into paint
  • How light effects color
  • Design theory to explain how you can use color to create rhythm, focus, harmony, contrast, variety and unity
  • Scenarios for you to practice with so you can get confident with choosing color
  • How to promote your business (side hustle)
  • How to professionally present your work
So you can see from the short list above (and there is a lot more provided that is not listed ) that you don’t need to know anything about color, we guide you through the learning and slowing build up your knowledge and you get to practice it. It’s not a 3 step miracle plan – it’s a realistic and achievable plan.
Chris and Lee Brown Willow College
Chris and Lee Brown

The Color Experts will Help you Create your Side Hustle.

Color consultant

A little bird told us you are ready for a side hustle and to share your coffee with a learning break from WillowCollege.com and Become a Successful Color Consultant! We are so excited for you and we are here to guide you all the way.

We heard from the little bird that you are ready to Unlock your Color Consultant Course and get started on your Side Hustle

Here’s how:

Take control and have your own "Side Hustle" business - you know you want to! Add joy, color and money to your world.
Take control and have your own “Side Hustle” business – you know you want to! Add joy, color and money to your world.
What are you doing reading down here?
Side hustle

This mother bird told us you are on the fence – undecided if this is what will work for you. Don’t worry, we totally understand. Just like the mother bird, we are all busy and now may not be the right time, or you just may not feel the love for us yet! But we know you will in time.

Here’s what some of our students have said:

“I am really impressed at the course you have provided and how you have managed to impart so much knowledge and wisdom from the experience you have gained over the years and yet you have also made the course so wonderfully personal and fun. I will admit that I am slowly starting to look at everyday objects, rooms, layouts etc through new eyes. I am trying to learn as you suggested by critiquing and I do find that I ask myself why a lot now.” Lisa – Australia

“My “Designer Glasses” have been activated with blinkers, bells and “aha”-bulb to start with.” Lianne – USA

Hi, I’m Lee Brown, an expert in color and I will guide you through your Color Consultant Course along with Chris Brown. We provide weekly guides to build your business and upskill you in color. You can learn from our vast experience and have a short cut to creating your side hustle. I look forward to you joining us at WillowCollege today.

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