Are You an Undiscovered Color Consultant Quiz

Test your Color and Business Skills Today

Here’s is a short quiz with a wide variety of questions about running a color consultant business and color. It’s a few minutes of fun to test some of the things that come up when you are a color consultant. Have a go now!

How was that? Did you have fun taking your Color Consultant Quiz?

Having a flair for color is an essential skill for being a color consultant, but having some business knowledge teamed up with your color skills sets you apart from your competition. If you loved the quiz and feel inspired, why not progress your knowledge and discover how you can learn the essential business skills as well as upskill your color knowledge from the experts at

Over 12 weeks, Lee Brown will guide you week by week though an achievable set of lessons to prepare you to start your own business as a Color Consultant. Online learning is fun and a great way to increase your color skills and use them to create a side hustle! You can be working and set up your own small business on the side to slowly work your way into being a color consultant. At we are realistic, we don’t promise to make you into something overnight. You have to put some work into it yourself, but we do help lighten the load and make it fun and achievable. At the end of the course you will be ready to create beautiful color schemes for clients and get paid for it. This will set you apart from the others in the industry who just leap in without any business direction and often fail because they work for the love of color and don’t make any money. Being a Color Consultant involves skills that not everyone possesses. If you did well in the quiz, why not take the next step. Discover how to Become a Color Consultant in 12 Weeks.

Below are a few topics covered in the Color Consultant Course from

Fine tune color skills

Discover how to expand and fine tune your existing color knowledge.

Feature wall - did you learn anything from the color consultant quiz?

Use existing scenarios to help you practice and perfect your color and presentation skills for when you get paying clients.

Did you enjoy your color consultant quiz?

You discover how to layer color and use pattern and texture.

Start your color consultant quiz and get happy clients

You will learn how to manage clients from the first interaction to the final sign off – happy clients equals a solid paycheck!

Marketing has come a long way – most of you probably don’t know the view finder in the image above, that used to be exciting entertainment for kids. Now most people have smart phones and receive most of their daily news, information and entertainment from their phone. You can learn your course on your phone, you can market your business from your phone to your potential client’s phones. We provide guidelines to get you up and running with your marketing.

Displaying books based on their color.
Enjoy your color consultant quiz.

Color and more color – understand color theory and design theory to provide amazing insight into how we can change the way people see a room, how they feel in a room and how you can transform dull and boring rooms with color.

We hope you enjoyed the color consultant quiz – we’d love for you to join us and take your color skills to the next level and earn money on the side while you work. Discover how to Become a Color Consultant in 12 Weeks. Looking forward to working with you – Lee Brown

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