Testimonials from interiordezine.com students

We know that this is Willow College, but it has grown from interiordezine.com and with positive energy from many of our students, so please read on and hear what they have had to say about the learning experiences they have undertaken.

I am so very pleased that I found your web site and signed up for the e-course. The fact that you provide the course free helped me tremendously because at this time I do not have the money to pay for courses. Because of the knowledge I gained through your course, I am putting together a lesson plan to teach women in homeless shelters and those who are getting their first place, how to decorate and redo used pieces to make their places look uniform and give them a sense of accomplishment to keep them inspired to keep moving toward whatever their goals are. Once again, thank you and when I start my own REAL business, I will send you pictures, etc. Please keep providing your service, there are probably thousands of people you are inspiring that you do not know about.


I have discovered another side of me since after completing the Interior Design, Color, Curtains and Drapery  online course at interiordezine. At first it seem strange,  as it was my first time studying online but gradually i keyed in. I was able to do things at my own pace and study around my full time work and social life. I have always been interested in interior spaces and how to make them work better since my college days where i started as a freelance painter. This was the perfect course to study from home to improve my abilities and obtain the required skills to create new spaces that are special and functional.
My tutor,  Lee & Chris Brown was available to answer every question I had, quickly and concisely. This made me confident in completing each assignment, which made it fun and also made me look forward to reading the additional emails sent by  Lee Brown as she  often share her personal work experiences through her blog which gave me the opportunity to learn from her mistakes and discoveries as well.

I found all three courses interesting and have learnt so much not only about the history of interior design but design techniques, procedures, decoration and color etc.

Right now as i write this on the comfort of my sofa, i can boast of jobs(both commercial and residential) that i have executed with great joy. In fact,  i recently met with a client(referred by another client I’ve worked for) who is requiring my services to design and decorate his new building. I am extremely excited and have the confidence from this course to complete the job successfully.

This course has opened my eyes to all the things that make up a space. I am now constantly looking at my surroundings and observing every space I’m in. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for Interior Design as it provides all the information to acquire the skills to make a space unique as well as functional.

Miracle Goodhead, C.E.O Matches Interiors, Nigeria.

This interior decorating E-course was absolutely amazing! I am currently studying business and have had no prior lessons or experience in interior design but this 3 week E-course has significantly developed my knowledge, understanding and confidence towards becoming an interior decorator. Lee is an exceptional teacher who has clearly put a lot of effort and work into each and every email that is sent throughout the 3-weeks. This course was so easy to follow and to work into my routine as I am currently in college, so being able to work from the emails at any time I like was so convenient. An obvious huge benefit of this course is that it is all email based, meaning you can easily view a course at anytime you like and can even revisit them as much as you want. Lee is a great character who is really friendly and easy to communicate with, she answered a question I asked within the same day! Thank you so much Lee for this exceptional experience and I definitely recommend anyone interested in interior design or decorating to sign up for this course!

I would just like to thank you Lee for this amazing e-course you have provided and thank you so much for being so understanding about my situation, I wish you all the best!

Ibrahim Waris, United Kingdom

Hi Lee,

I have been following you for about 8 years! Love reading what you are up to and your tips and advice. Please could you do something on wallpaper as this is very close to my heart.

Cheers, Claire from Flair in South Africa

Hello, Dear Lee Brown

I enjoyed very much your e course and I thank you for the opportunity to study interior design. I am interested in decorating because I want to redecorate my house and it was obvious at one point that I have to learn at least some principles of design to obtain some good results. I followed with great interest your lessons and I find that I loved to know more about interior design. Thank you for that opportunity. I will stay connected with your newsletters and recommend your lessons if any of my friends are interested in interior design.

Thank you again, Sanziana

Dear Lee!
Thank you so much for being v v kind to me and sending me certificates. As i joined here as a show room designer. I worked for a month in their main branch, there they they had 7-8 designers . They had opened a new branch 7 months back n now they have transferred me as independent show room designer . The targets that have been given to me is to focus on show room interior and to get clients, helping them in selecting fabric and furniture articles, I hope in sha Allah I vl fulfill this target.
Love n REGARDS NAEEMA, Pakistan

Hi Lee

Thank you so much for this course, it was very useful and informative ☺ I previously signed up for a full interior design course in South Africa (where I live) but didn’t manage to finish it due to various life changes. This course was great because it’s a lot shorter and more digestable! Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated it ?

Best Anèl Dannhauser

Thank you so very much for the e-course in Interior Decorating and Design and Color. You are truly special to design this course for free. I am happy I had the opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge. It was very interesting!

Deborah T Wolff

Thanks Lee I have enjoy the e-line course and have learn a lot from the course I am looking foreword to putting some of the ideas you have thought me at my home I just bought a fixer upper so I have my work cut out for me but am loving it thanks again can’t wait to get my Certificate

Benny n’Leta Morales Coral Gables Senior High School

In a short time I have learned much, to think my journey has just started. Thank you Chris n Lee Brown

Kiki Sedusa Ukpo University of Lagos, Nigeria

Hi Lee,
I just subscribed to the course and am so hooked.
Thanks for the good work.
With no experience, I just completed my first contract of decorating a client’s living room. The compliments I got were very encouraging. Can’t wait to be certified.

Faith Ametorgoh, Colour Consultant at Dulux Ghana

Thanks Lee for letting me join and learn. I will follow and make sure I learn so that I can try and make money during my part time.

Nancy Kimathi, Nairobi, Kenya

Hey Lee, come Start a school in Uganda. You have an open door.

Segane John-Meddie

Thanks buddy your tips are awesome, even a guy like me who is beginner in interior designing can understand almost every thing, thanks buddy, may God bless you.

Adnan Siddiqui, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Thanks Lee, I have learnt a lot from you on curtain making and made mine. People are already giving me orders. I wish could learn how to make pleated draperies without pleating tape because in my country I couldn’t find it. I love making curtains as source of income how can I make ones that customers will find different from ready made ones. God bless you for all the info.

Algenior Majaka

Thank you so much Lee,

I am very proud of my achievement. And thank you for your time and job well done. Please keep it up.

Kind regards,Fadekemi

Hi Lee,

It was always feel nice whenever I see your mail, thanks for every thing you taught me.  Actually right now I am working on Lighting Design, do you have any suggestions for that? Please suggest me. Love your videos.

Best regards Mohammad.?

I subscribed before the site was complete, and you guys kept me beautifully informed. I am sure that with your site being as great as it is, noone will mind 12 hours of inconvenience as it happens to everyone. Just wanted to let you know InteriorDezine is a great site.

Maja, Cypress

I so very much appreciate your answer to my questions. My fiance owns a retail furniture store. He took the failing store over and he is in the process of turning it around. One of his strategies (so far very successful) is to upgrade and expand the style and quality of the merchandise. He has been able to do this in many cases without any substantial increase in the wholesale or retail cost, although he also is carrying some [moderately[ expensive lines as well. The need for this information arose when he ordered a room and some occasional pieces from a line of very ornate Roccoco furniture. I’m only the occasional help, as I spend most of my working hours as a legal investigator, but I did want to be able to speak intelligently about this line, and be able to give him the correct terminology as well. I was fairly certain of the style being Roccoco, and did restrain myself when the rep called it French Provincial. Now, thanks to you, I am certain and can represent the line intelligently. My thanks.

Renee J. Epling, USA

Yes I had great time, I really learnt a lot. Thanks a million.

Hello there, Thanks for your comments and follow up after the course. I must say that this course was very informative. The lessons came a little too quickly, however the good thing is that we can always go back. The links to various sites were fabulous. Again, very informative and educational. I have learnt a lot.
Thanks again. Regards Lisa

Dear Lee I would like to thank you for all your emails which I found so helpful and felt they were very practical and not very fussy, which is what I had been looking for. I recently bought my home and kept everything neutral but did want to add certain colour in certain areas, hence I found your advice great.


It’s so nice that you share interior design and decorating stuffs for free. I have visited your site a dozen times and it’s amazing how broad it is. I graduated a degree in Interior Design here in the Philippines and is about to take the licensure exam this october that’s why I’ve been into online ID stuffs again – to refresh my memory before I take the exam. So far, your site and your e-course have provided quite a big resource for references!

Thank you very much! Roma Philippines

Dear Lee Brown, thanks so much for the ecourse,and may God bless and prosper you. I must say it was a great help to me as i have thinking on how to go about becoming a designer .I enjoyed every bit of it.

Thanks once again. Obinna

Just to let you know I thought your course on interior decorating was brilliant. Loads to take on board, but that’s interior design anyway – it is never an exact science, but that what I love about it. I live in the UK and am studying for a diploma with (removed name as don’t want any conflict here!)  and thoroughly enjoying the course as well as your courses. Your web site is brilliant and jam packed full of fantastic information on any aspect of interior design – you should be proud of yourselves. I would love to work and do an apprenticeship with you, it’s just a pity we don’t live closer! Keep up the good work and please keep me on your mailing list.

Kindest regards Moira UK

Hi Lee! It’s been great doing this course.yes interior decoration was my dream come true through your course.lots of interesting things and now i have decided to do the properties of my own.buy a small one to start with .ur course is very helpfull as how to go step by step.

Hi Lee Thank you for your e-course on Interior Decorating. The timing was absolutely superb as we are currently rebuilding and I am ready to start choosing furniture, etc. Our new tourist units will showcase what I have learnt from your course. Thanks again. Kind regards Marlene Hi Lee Brown, Thank you for your series of mails regarding interior designing (free courses). I found it very much supportive to me as an interior designing student. with regards, kusum

Hi Ya As an interior decorating student (mature age… had to put that in ? I had been referred to your site from another web site and had been receiving your newsletters regularly. It was only when I was prompted by your renewal of membership and survey that I took a good hard look at your site (mainly cause I have been too busy in the past studying, working etc bla bla) Just had to tell you what a brilliant site (especially for students) and WOW how much information. I probably could have saved myself thousands with all the add on courses I have done and just got the info from your site. Well Done- brilliant site.
Go You Guys Jill

Hi Lee, Thanks for enrolling me in the Interior design Courses, I should congratulate you and of course tell you that U have really got a very gud sense of designing. Just read ur blog, and was majorly impressed by ur views. Great work.. keep going.
Best Regards Janani

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