Can we ever choose the perfect floor product?

Can we ever choose the Perfect Floor?

The perfect floor……I am totally disillusioned. With all my experience and product knowledge, I still get goose bumps when a new floor product is laid. Will it live up to expectations, is it worth the extra cost, can I repair it if it gets damaged….the questions are endless.

I have just experienced a scenario that I thought I would share with you, because it was my worst nightmare as a designer. The client moves into their newly renovated home only to find that the floor looks like it has been attacked by razor blades! It is the sunniest room of the house where every little deviation is visible. This wouldn’t have been so bad to handle if the contractor had informed me of the problem, oh, no they were trying to fix it before they told me in conjunction with the client, so I was left out of the loop. Not a good look as I turned up with new fabrics because the original fabrics specified for some of the curtains were unavailable. I must admit, I felt very unprofessional and instantly on the back foot. The other problem was that they had moved in and didn’t want contractors hanging around trying to fix it, which is understandable.

What did I do in my professional capacity to fix it?

I rang the experts, the product supplier and got them to speak directly to the client, then we decided that it wasn’t in an acceptable state and that an insurance claim would have to be made to replace it with a new flooring.

the perfect floor

What we think had happened was the cleaners had scratched the vinyl when they did the final tidy up after the builders left. Oops, it really was a mess. The contractors had done the correct procedures all the way through, they had covered the flooring so that it was not damaged, so for them to find it this way also took them by surprise.

So the moral of the story is, make sure that the building owner and the contractor have insurance to cover any little mishaps that may occur along the way in a project, and have faith in your flooring choices, it is very rare that something like this happens to a sturdy and hard wearing flooring product. Let’s hope this helps you find the perfect floor.

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