You are only as Good a Designer as Your Client Brief!

For those of you who have completed the interior decorating ecourse, you will know how I stress about the importance of “extracting”a good client brief.

The Client Brief

It has hit home again this week!

We have been working on a project through a project manager, who took the client brief and gave it to us to work on. It was focused on existing fitouts that the client had done that worked and didn’t want to change too much as the formula worked and once when it had been changed, it was a disaster. The budget was also a major part of the design brief, and was an achievable figure but no way over the top! So we set to work on this project, keeping things similar but adding fresher new ideas, not too far from the existing fitouts as requested.

We though we had done a great job, as it is always difficult to design to a tight budget and create something with originality and flair that is not much different from the existing.

welcome to

We experienced a first for us and it threw us into turmoil! They hated it……every little detail was not what they wanted!

How could we get it so wrong?

We went over the brief and were sure we had done everything that was requested!

So we felt bamboozled!

But guess what?

We have now met with the client, and he has walked through everything he wants in the project and it is totally the opposite to everything in the original client brief!

So what a relief for us, the designers who hate to get it wrong, especially when we preach so much about finding out what the clients expectations are. We felt a little silly!

He wanted something, new, vibrant, with design flair, budget wasn’t important, the design and originality was critical, minimalism with features of texture and color.

So now that we have got inside the clients head, let him show us what he likes and the feel of the space that he wants to achieve, I am sure that by this time next week we will be presenting something that fits perfectly to the new client brief!

So I want to stress again the importance of this as a designer or decorator, it will save you time and heartache in the long run.
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The Design Process

Free Downloadable Client Brief Form

….and remember that you are only as good a designer as your client brief!

2 thoughts on “You are only as Good a Designer as Your Client Brief!”

  1. Hi Lee,
    I recently completed my graduation and have just started my career in the field of Interior Designing. And, I do read your articles as and when I get time. And, I must say you have really done a good job so far. The best thing about your articles is that its so simple and to the point that even a layman can understand. Please continue the good work.

  2. Great Article. I totally agree it is so important to understand what your client wants otherwise you will certainly fail and not meet his/her expectation. I have been on both sides (client and designer) and can as such speak from both sides.

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