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Do you love fabrics and color? Do you always touch things to get a tactile image of them? Sounds like you would love curtain design.

Do people rave about your ideas and come to you for help with color and fabrics?

Why not enhance your natural ability to make beautiful interiors with curtains and blinds – you have the creativity in you.’s Curtain Design Course

” When it comes to curtain design there are those that just talk about it and those who actually make choices themselves based on their natural ability to visualize beauty!”

If you are reading this then you have taken your first step by not just talking about your color and fabric decorating skills, you are on your way to learning how to take your natural creative ability to the next level!

We are here to help you realize your full interior decorating curtain design potential.

Love Color and Fabrics?

Then take your Curtain Design Journey with us

Here’s your first step – watch this
This is the most interactive interior design discovery website in the world.
With every step your curtain design journey is fun, enlightening, entertaining and most of all creatively rewarding.

Take your creative self to the next level with our online curtain design course. Then you’ll be confident and prepared to take on your new role of being a curtain designer. No giant leap into the unknown required. It’s easy when you know how, only a few small steps, one foot after the other and you can be design beautiful window treatments.

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Design is a Creative Art,
Interior Spaces are your Canvas.
We want to see you reach your full potential.
We provide so many ways to discover the potential of curtain design and what you can achieve with it. Learn from us, get the Professional Interior Designer’s experience gained secrets.
What our students say:

Thanks Lee, I have learnt a lot from you on curtain making and made mine. People are already giving me orders. I wish could learn how to make pleated draperies without pleating tape because in my country I couldn’t find it. I love making curtains as source of income how can I make ones that customers will find different from ready made ones. God bless you for all the info.

Algenior Majaka
interior design course

Thank you so much Lee, I am very proud of my achievement. And thank you for your time and job well done. Please keep it up.

Kind regards, Fadekemi
color course

A note from Chris and Lee,

  • We know that you are busy so we have designed a learning system that caters for your lifestyle.
  • It is modern and an interactive way to discover and understand how to design.
  • You get to go through it at your own pace.
  • Start, stop and wherever you are, you can simply pick up where you left off.
  • We have made it fun and rewarding without all the traditional “hitting the text books” and long winded examinations.
  • This way it’s simple and practical letting you discover at your own pace while having fun and getting rewarded along the way.

Discover your Interior Decorating Curtain Design Course

If you are decisive and know already what you want – click on the ‘Add to Cart” button, if you need more information about the Interior Decorating Curtain Design Course – click on the image.

Learn interior design online at willowcollege

We include a money back guarantee.

Try the system for a week and if it’s not what you want simply drop us a line and let us know why (so we can make it better for others) and we will give you a refund.
It’s that simple.

Chris and Lee Brown

Special Features of the Interior Decorating Curtain Design Course

This interactive quiz system is like a gameshow with immediate answers and your scores collated.

Synchronized across any of your electronic devices, any where, any time, stop and simply start again where you left off.

There are so many subjects involved in Curtain Design but it’s fun and enjoyable way to learn them.

Clear and concise video instruction with high definition media, interesting articles, examples and explanation with interaction.

Online curtain design course

You can check your progress along the way and are awarded a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Lee has even been on TV 🙂

Experienced professionals who continue to work in the interior design industry.

What Topics are Covered in the Curtain Design Course?

TYPES OF CURTAINS – Curtains are used for many different purposes, understand the uses and what to use where. Styles, traditional, contemporary and readymade. 

TYPES OF HEADINGS – The head of a curtain dictates the style of the window treatment. Learn what type of headings are available.

TYPES OF WINDOWS – View the different types of windows and discover what curtains are best suited.

TYPES OF BLINDS – Soft blinds like Roman or London blinds or hard blinds like micro-blinds or slim-line blinds. A popular window treatment for modern design. Learn their functions and where they are best suited. 

CURTAIN DESIGN – Learn the necessity for linings, understanding fullness and how to measure a window for curtains.

CURTAIN CRITIQUES – View examples of window treatments and learn from the curtain design applied. 

CURTAIN DESIGN THEORY – Learn about contemporary The do’s and dont’s of curtain design, design concepts, client brief, accessories and where to use them.

PRESENTATION – Why you need a mood or concept board and how to create one. Presentation processes to explain your interior scheme.

WORKING WITH CLIENTS – How to managemeetings and documentation to ensure you and your client are on the same page.

COLOR, PATTERN, TEXTURE – Understanding how to use pattern, texture, stripes, checks, florals and color. 

FABRIC – Understanding fabrics and fiber properties, color, pattern and texture.

More Great Testimonials

Dear Lee, I would like to thank you for all your emails which I found so helpful and felt they were very practical and not very fussy, which is what I had been looking for. I recently bought my home and kept everything neutral but did want to add certain color in certain areas, hence I found your advice great.

online design courses

Thanks Lee, for letting me join and learn. I will follow and make sure I learn so that I can try and make money during my part time.

Nancy Kimathi, Nairobi, Kenya

Discovering curtain design is so easy with Willow

Make Curtain Design Work for YouWe can help you make confident decisions guiding you step by step to reach your design potential 

SKIP THE CLASSROOMS – Here’s how it works

Learn Anywhere, Anytime – The online courses are accessible on your smart phone, tablet and PC. You can live anywhere in the world, all you need is access to the internet. 

Easy 3 Minute Bite Sized Lessons – 3 minute lessons fit easily into your daily routine, you will hardly notice any change to your lifestyle but you will notice the change in your knowledge, confidence and the way you see the world.  

Develop Essential Design Skills -Learn how to look at the world in a different way – start to see spaces like a decorator. Learn processes to guide you through tasks. Understand why decisions get made.

Test Yourself as you go – No Assignments – Finish a lesson, answer some questions in 3 minutes. It’s as simple as that. It’s interactive and easy – that’s how you fast track learning interior design and decorating.

We’re Here for You – Your Success Is Our Success 

Meet our Experts – Interior Designers, Chris and Lee Brown – Creators of and

Chris and Lee have a global presence from their 18 years of teaching interior design online with They have changed the way hundreds of thousands of students now look at the world. Opening up their eyes to design, how it works and how they can personally find their design niche in the industry. is the next level of design education, allowing access to learn anywhere, anytime in a format that records their progress and allows them to learn at their own pace. 

Chris Brown Chris has been in the design industry for 36 years, helped set up and is a Past President of the Designers Institute of New Zealand, has managed his own Architectural Company with 3 National branches, co-founded with Lee. In the last few years Chris has worked in Project Management after the Christchurch earthquakes, helping rebuild the City. Chris loves sharing his design knowledge and helping others gain the same passion he has for design.

Lee Brown

Lee has been in the design industry for 28 years, she has worked as a Commercial Interior Designer, specializing in hospitality design. She has been a Project Manager for Residential rebuilds after the Christchurch earthquakes. She co-founded with Chris and loves writing the lessons, her blog and keeping everyone up to date with design via social media. She loves the interaction with students from all over the world, gets uplifted from their feedback feeding her passion to keep creating more lessons. 


“My “Designer Glasses” have been activated with blinkers, bells and “aha”-bulb to start with.”

Lianne – USA
interior design courses

“I am really impressed at the course you have provided and how you have managed to impart so much knowledge and wisdom from the experience you have gained over the years and yet you have also made the course so wonderfully personal and fun. I will admit that I am slowly starting to look at everyday objects, rooms, layouts etc through new eyes. I am trying to learn as you suggested by critiquing and I do find that I ask myself why a lot now.”

Lisa – Australia

The Time to Start is Now – Take your Amazing Decorating Skills to the Next Level – enroll today!

Become an expert on Curtain Design, you will be well sought after, it doesn’t matter how much you know know, you just need a love of all the things beautiful and desire to learn. The Curtain Design course will teach you what you need to know to make solid curtain design decisions, and start creating dazzling window treatments for people all around you! You just have to start now.

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