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Willow College’s Color Consultant course is one of a kind. Not only does it teach you about Color for Interior and Exterior design but week by week it guides you through a process to set up your new Color Consulting business. Big or small, part time or full time – it doesn’t matter, you will know what level you want to start at, we will help you get onto a new career path at a pace that suits your current lifestyle. No one knows your taste for change better than you. is the real deal, not just pretty pictures and hype, we have real-world experience that we provide you so that you can start your business with a solid business understanding and the confidence to succeed.

Color Consultant Course

Create Yourself a More Colorful World with a Color Consultant Course

Learn and discover the possibilities of a more colorful world. Take the first step to a new career as a Color Consultant with Lee Brown from as your personal guide.

A Course That’s as Unique as You

The Only Course You Need to Start a New Career’s Color Consultant Course is the only course you will ever need to start your new successful Color Consulting business. A great investment in your future, enhancing your color skills and guiding you to start your business week by week, and setting you up with processes to manage and run your successful color consultant business.

Online Color Consultant Course

Some things for you to Consider……

BE FREE – Don’t be tied to one source of income. Create a side hustle – start your new Color Consultancy business part time.

SEE AND HEAR – courses are accessible on mobile, laptop, PC or tablet. We think you should be able to learn anywhere, anytime.

BE PREPARED – You won’t have to start your Color Consultant business wondering if you are doing it right, you will be prepared for what is ahead.

CREATE – Be a Color Consultant and create your new career and future.

BE HEARD – Learn how to get your name out there and attract clients.

HAVE FUN – Make the learning journey fun, learn from the experience of Chris and Lee Brown.

MAKE IT YOURS – Use your creativity to make you feel good and improve the lives of others.

INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE – Learning online is a cost-effective and flexible way of investing in your future and change of career. 

Online Color Consultant Course

Great Careers Begin Here Because your Color Passion Led You Here

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Are You Ready for a New Color Consultant Career Adventure?

Watch our video for a taste of how can create your next learning adventure. Hear how it works, what you’ll learn, hear some testimonials and meet Lee Brown, your color consulting course expert.

Learn, anywhere, anytime from experts in Color at


(Watch the video or read below)

Hi, welcome, I’m Lee Brown from and I’m here to talk to you about color and how it can change your lifestyle.

Do you love playing around with color for fun? Do you always pick up a pillow in the store and say wow this would look great in my living room, or see a house that looks dull and drab and know in your mind that if they painted the front door red, the rest of the house would fade away and people would focus on the door. Have you helped a friend choose colors for their home and got a real buzz out of it? Do you love imagining what rooms could look like with a splash of color here and there? Well. You are still reading so I am guessing yes!

Did you know that you could use these skills that you probably think everyone has and make money from it? Well, you can, and I’m telling you now that not everyone can see what you see and with some instruction from, you change your lifestyle, work with color and make money. Wouldn’t that be the perfect job, working for yourself when and where you want, being emersed in color every day, making people happy with positive changes in their homes, and making money from it. What is not to love about this career choice? I have written an interactive course to show you how to take your natural ability with color to another level. I will guide you to understand color and how it works so you can explain why you choose colors to your client, I will take you step by step to setting up a successful Color Consultancy business, be it part-time or full-time, the choice is yours. I will show you how to make money using your love and passion for color. I’m going to share with you just some of the guidance we provide for getting you there so you can decide to take your color journey to the next level.

But first here’s what a couple of our students have to say.

“My “Designer Glasses” have been activated with blinkers, bells and “aha”-bulb to start with.”  -Lianne Reyes Brennan – USA

“I am really impressed at the course you have provided and how you have managed to impart so much knowledge and wisdom from the experience you have gained over the years and yet you have also made the course so wonderfully personal and fun. I will admit that I am slowly starting to look at everyday objects, rooms, layouts etc through new eyes. I am trying to learn as you suggested by critiquing and I do find that I ask myself why a lot now.” – Lisa – Australia

Let’s start with – What is a color consultant?

A color consultant essentially collates color for a project. It could be the exterior colors of a house, the interior wall colors of a home, in in commercial situations color consultants can use color to enhance tired buildings, create business brands for offices and make spaces that people feel great working in.

Those are just a selection of the tasks a color consultant undertakes. That’s the great thing about the job, every project is different with new challenges and opportunity galore to use your creativity to helps others and get paid for it.

A color consultant pulls all the information together to present to the client as well as the documentation for the builders or contractors to do the work. It’s a career where you can be creative, meet a lot of interesting people, have new challenges with each project, and you get to ensure your clients are in control of their project because of your professional guidance, skills and documentation. The best part is seeing happy clients with the finished project,  of course I almost forgot, you get paid for doing something you love! It doesn’t even feel like a job! You can achieve with your new Color Consultant course.

Now my next insight for you from our course – How do I find Clients?

This is probably a reason for a lot of people to not attempt going into business as a color consultant. It’s the fear of not being able to find clients to work for. It’s not as scary as you think. You only need one to get yourself into business. We have collated numerous ways to generate clients – including what not to waste your money on.

We cover word of mouth – one of the best ways to get new clients and we train you to ask for referrals.

Social media – yes the necessary evil in business today. We show you how to set up and what you need to get out there and grow your following and in turn your potential clients.

Website – websites create professional stability, you will look more authentic (and bigger than you are) when you first start out. You will also look more professional than those who solely use social media. Websites area way for potential clients to verify and validate that you are a serious player in the industry.

Local Newspapers – get yourself seen as an expert in color – offer to write some free articles and buy some ad space. People love dealing with someone they have seen in the newspaper!

These are just a handful of the strategies we cover. There are so many different ways to gain new clients and we help you develop a plan to continually grow your business.

Here is my next insight – How do I know how much to charge?

This is probably one of the most important things we teach you. It’s the biggest mistake color consultants make. They don’t charge enough because they don’t value their skills and are worried about offending people. They couldn’t be more wrong! The more you charge the more they value and respect you. We focus on profit, because that’s why you are in business. We delve deep into all the overheads you will have to cover, and show you equations to work out how many hours you need to work to get the income you desire. This is information that years of experience has provided us, after making many mistakes ourselves starting out in business. We use our experience and knowledge so that you don’t have to learn the hard and expensive way about working out how much to charge your clients. We save you so much heartache and ensure that you don’t work for nothing!

For those of you who want to transition to a color consultant whilst continuing your day job the big question is – How can I look professional if I’m only part time?

It doesn’t matter if you work from your living room at night, you can meet you clients at shared spaces, most towns offer rooms you can rent out or you can meet your clients at their home. The most important thing to portray if you are part time is your professionalism. So make sure you get a website, set up your social media, dress for success, document your work and don’t take short cuts. Be realist with the timeframes to do the work, under promise and over deliver. Give yourself space and time to focus on your work in your allocated times and provide good communication with your client. It doesn’t matter where you work from or how much time you have to do it, you can do the job and the results will speak for themselves.

Being part time it is more important for you to get testimonials from your clients and ask them for referrals as you may not have as much time to market yourself as a full time consultant. Apart from that, starting part time is a great way to set up and transition your career.

Now the last insight I am giving you today is about how much do I give away?

People are very good at “picking your brains” when they find out you’re a color consultant. Translated this equates to them asking you question after question until you have provided your skilled ideas for their entire home at no cost to them!

You do need to show your potential client that you know what you are talking about but don’t give away all your ideas up front or they will say thank you and won’t bother engaging you to work for them. You just need to give them enough as a teaser to make them want more. A couple of broad ideas to entice them. Then arrange a formal meeting to go over what they are looking to do.

Hey, you are still reading so I guess you are keen on making a change in your life to transition to a color consultant. Use the shopping form below to join the many others embarking on a life changing course to create a new business that you are completely in control of. I know you can do it and I’m here to guide you through the process. I know you won’t look back, today could be the day that reshapes your future, a future of color, creativity, employer freedom, lifestyle choices and the ability to make money doing something you love. After 12 weeks of your Color Consultant course you won’t recognise the professional color consultant you have become. You won’t even realise how quickly you learnt the skills to get there. The course is broken up into 12 weeks with a guide for each week with tasks to undertake.

Each week starts with lessons in business to slowly begin laying the foundations to set up your new business as well as:

  • color theory
  • color schemes
  • understanding color meanings
  • what is paint
  • how to create and document color schemes
  • understanding light and how that dictates how we see color
  • basic decorating skills
  • brain storming ideas
  • presentation
  • sketching
  • mood boards
  • color boards
  • how to sell your color scheme
  • mastering social media
  • the project process
  • marketing
  • design theory
  • how to manage your first meeting
  • programming your work
  • practice scenarios
  • what can go wrong and how to fix it
  • managing client’s expectations
  • business checklist
  • how to make your business run smoothly
  • and how to have fun! Of course!

We cover all the steps to setting up your business so that you are a true professional from day one, not jotting down a few colors on the back of an envelope for you!

We guide you through:

  • setting up your name
  • your business plan
  • checking out your competition
  • working out how much to charge
  • setting up your budget
  • quoting for a job
  • creating your business systems for when you are ready to expand
  • insurance
  • your terms and conditions
  • how to take a client brief
  • understanding time
  • cashflow
  • marketing plan
  • SWOT analysis
  • your brand
  • making your business legit
  • keeping up appearances
  • motivation and energy
  • confidence in yourself
  • continuing education
  • and basically everything you need to be a success in your new color consultancy business.

I am guessing that the list I have just gone through seems a bit daunting to you now but its good to know what we know and you don’t have to start learning from scratch about your new business, climb aboard at and get the head start into making a successful career and business as a color consultant today. Use the shopping form below to join the many others embarking on a life-changing course to create a new business that you are completely in control of and of course find out how much!

Speaking of how much, Chris and I have been providing free Interior Design education online for 20 years. Unfortunately for us, we are generous people! But this course is not for free, however, it is probably at a cost that you won’t think has value. I am contradicting myself here as I have discussed undercharging earlier on. I can tell you that Chris and I are experts at it! But you know, with the internet our goal is to provide this opportunity to as many people as we can to help them unleash their creativity and their dreams. We would rather charge an affordable amount so as many people as possible can learn in as many different countries as possible. As we have learned from our experience teaching online that many of our students come from countries that don’t have opportunities to learn at universities or colleges, the internet has provided a gateway to a new future of endless possibilities. We have changed many people’s lives over time with our free courses and website full of interior design knowledge, and although we are now charging for this next tier of learning, we are doing our best to keep it at an achievable cost. We could charge you thousands of dollars as that is how much this valuable information is worth, but we aren’t greedy and we’re not flashy! We just want to help people and make a living at the same time. So don’t be fooled by the price – jump at the opportunity to change your life today. We don’t hard sell – you either want to get on board or you don’t, we’re not going to talk you into it but if this is what you want to do with your life you have come to the right place.

Here is what some of the students we taught for free over the years have said about us – and this is why we are trying to keep the costs as low as we can – we are nice guys and like to help people help other people, it’s a win-win for us all.

I am so very pleased that I found your website and signed up for the e-course. The fact that you provide the course free helped me tremendously because at this time I do not have the money to pay for courses. Because of the knowledge I gained through your course, I am putting together a lesson plan to teach women in homeless shelters and those who are getting their first place, how to decorate and redo used pieces to make their places look uniform and give them a sense of accomplishment to keep them inspired to keep moving toward whatever their goals are. Once again, thank you and when I start my own REAL business, I will send you pictures, etc. Please keep providing your service, there are probably thousands of people you are inspiring that you do not know about.


 I just think Janice is such an awesome person. It puts tears to my eyes every time I read this.

 Here’s another

I have discovered another side of me since completing the Interior Design, Color, Curtains and Drapery online course at interiordezine. At first, it seems strange,  as it was my first time studying online but gradually I keyed in. I was able to do things at my own pace and study around my full-time work and social life. I have always been interested in interior spaces and how to make them work better since my college days where I started as a freelance painter. This was the perfect course to study from home to improve my abilities and obtain the required skills to create new spaces that are special and functional.
My tutor,  Lee & Chris Brown were available to answer every question I had, quickly and concisely. This made me confident in completing each assignment, which made it fun and also made me look forward to reading the additional emails sent by  Lee Brown as she often shares her personal work experiences through her blog which gave me the opportunity to learn from her mistakes and discoveries as well.

I found all three courses interesting and have learned so much not only about the history of interior design but design techniques, procedures, decoration, and color, etc.

Right now as I write this on the comfort of my sofa, I can boast of jobs (both commercial and residential) that i have executed with great joy. In fact, I recently met with a client (referred by another client I’ve worked for) who is requiring my services to design and decorate his new building. I am extremely excited and have the confidence from this course to complete the job successfully.

This course has opened my eyes to all the things that make up a space. I am now constantly looking at my surroundings and observing every space I’m in. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for Interior Design as it provides all the information to acquire the skills to make a space unique as well as functional.

Miracle Goodhead, C.E.O Matches Interiors, Nigeria.

It goes to show that by stepping out and giving it a go, believing in yourself you can make things happen.

Hi Lee,
I just subscribed to the course and am so hooked.
Thanks for the good work.
With no experience, I just completed my first contract of decorating a client’s living room. The compliments I got were very encouraging. Can’t wait to be certified.

Faith Ametorgoh, Colour Consultant at Dulux Ghana

We can see here that taking the first step is all you need to do, once you are in and working in the space, you make things happen.

 Now we have Jill

Hi Ya As an interior decorating student (mature age… had to put that in? I had been referred to your site from another website and had been receiving your newsletters regularly. It was only when I was prompted by your renewal of membership and survey that I took a good hard look at your site (mainly cause I have been too busy in the past studying, working, etc blah blah) Just had to tell you what a brilliant site (especially for students) and WOW how much information. I probably could have saved myself thousands with all the addon courses I have done and just got the info from your site. Well Done- brilliant site.
Go You Guys Jill

 There is no age limit on a career change as you can see from Jill here.

Well, it’s time to sign off now but please take the leap of faith into your new career today – you can become a successful color consultant – go on, you know you want to! Register here for your Color Consultant course today! 

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I can’t wait to have you join me and become a Color Consultant today!

Lee Brown – and

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