Texture – The Designer’s Best Friend

Texture – The Interior Designer’s Best Friend

Imagine a world without texture?

It would be flat and without interest. We need it to make interiors have 3 dimensions, we don’t want things to look flat.

Color and form alone is not enough to make an interior look appealing. It needs texture. Imagine the bed below without the chunky knotted blanket? Flat and boring.

Chunky knot blanket - great texture
Love the chunky knit blanket – no flat and boring here!

So we have to remember texture as a vital word in the interior designer’s vocabulary. By ensuring we add it to an interior, we can pretty much guarantee that there will be something to look at in the room! Light can wash it out and make it look flat, make sure you have a good quality light source that will enhance the texture and not wash it out.

Rough texture and smooth texture
Rough textures in the cushions contrast to the smooth texture of the leather.

We love to see variation in an interior, texture adds that subtly. Check out the textured finishes below, a lot more interesting than plan flat finishes. We can also add color and mange it in different finishes, it doesn’t have to be fabric, it can be flooring or rugs.

Different types of texture create interest
Different textures create interest

So next time you go to create your interior color scheme, just remember to make sure you add a little texture in there and you will be certain to achieve an even better result than you had imagined.

Texture everywhere - floor, ceiling, rug, cabinet fronts
Textures everywhere – floor, ceiling, rug, cabinet fronts

Sometimes we have a lot of texture in the room like the floor and ceiling in this room above. With so much, we need to go the other way and reduce the amount and have more flat surfaces or bulk areas of color, too much can be overwhelming, interior design is a skill that can be learnt so don’t be over whelmed. Look and learn!

If you want to get more inspiration read color and nature

Have fun experimenting with interior design!

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