Texture – The Designer’s Best Friend

Texture – The Designer’s Best Friend

Imagine a world without texture?

It would be flat and without interest.

Color alone would not be enough to make it look appealing.

So we have to remember texture as a vital word in the interior designer’s vocabulary. By ensuring we add texture to an interior, we can pretty much guarantee that there will be something to look at in the room! This photograph is a good example. The rock or stone wall surrounding the fireplace has provided a textured focal point to the room. If you glance around the room you will also find more subtle textures, area rug under the dining table, textured floor, ribbed ceramic urn with a plant. Imagine the room now with flat surfaces in their place? Let’s look at another example.

Texture once again the focal point, the woven reed coffee table is where your eye is lead to, even though the bold blue of the sofa also appears dominant. Remove the texture from the table and replace it with a solid white lacquered block coffee table and what would the result look like? Flat and Boring.

So next time you go to create your interior color scheme, just remember to make sure you add a little texture in there and you will be certain to achieve an even better result than you had imagined.

If you want to get more inspiration on texture read color an nature

Have fun experimenting with texture and interior design!

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