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We have a short interior designer quiz for you to test your interior design knowledge. A few random questions – you may know the answers, you may not, but it’s a few minutes of fun and we all love a quiz don’t we!

Hope You Enjoyed the Interior Decorating Quiz

Read on about some of the areas of Interior Design that you can discover with Interior Design.

Amazing Living Room Lighting

Living Room Lighting

Lighting is an interior designer’s secret weapon. The ability to understand how light works means you can create mood and ambience in a space like a living room, in a bathroom you can make it easy to apply makeup, in a bedroom you can allow for mood lighting. Kitchens we need task lighting and can often have decorative pendants to create a design style or look. Understanding how lighting works is the key to enhancing your interior design concepts.

Creating Style with Texture

Interior Designer Quiz - have some fun!

Sometimes a simple design needs a little bit of “je ne sais quois” to be the finishing touch. Texture in the form of these vases and foliage add a wonderful design element to contrast with the sleek lines of the timber furniture.

Placing Furniture

Placing furniture and Color

It is interesting how we were brought up to think that everything had to match, all be the same color. But it doesn’t and it adds the element of fun when you have different colored upholstery in the same space. The ability to understand furniture placement and color and texture is a vital skill for an interior designer. Don’t follow what has been done before, use it to get inspiration and push the boundaries to create something new and original. Love the color combination in this space!

Understanding Artwork

Understanding artwork

Knowing where to place artwork is a real skill, it takes practice and the ability to see the art and understand how you want to portray it in a space to make it the best it can be. This all comes from understanding, color, texture, color theory, design theory and having a sense of place. Understanding when to use a piece of artwork on its own or grouping as a collection. As we see in this image, a lot of designers group art on the floor or leant against furniture instead of hanging it on the walls. It depends on the look and feel you want to create and of course how much the artwork is worth!! We don’t want the vacuum cleaner going through a piece of art rested on the floor!

Understanding Color for Interior Design

Interior Designer Quiz

Color is an important part of being an Interior Designer, see in this image how subtle changes in color make the room feel warm and welcoming. Neutral with the addition of texture this space feels like a home but still has style and elegance. By the way – just love the painting… die for! A great focal point for the room. Find out how to arrange artwork.

Staircase Design

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Stairs are an amazing feature of interiors, they are also functional and provide a vehicle to move from one level to another as well as a fantastic way to add design flair to a building or home. The ability to understand how a staircase works is very important so that as an interior designer you can use it to your advantage.

We hope you enjoyed our Interior Designer Quiz

If you loved the quiz and feel inspired, why not progress your knowledge and discover how you can learn interior design from the experts at Chris and Lee Brown will guide you through the many subjects involved in Interior Design. Online learning is fun and a great way to increase your interior design skills to set you apart from the others in the industry and make you the envy of your peers. Being an Interior Designer involves skills that not everyone possesses. If you did well in the quiz, why not take the next step. Discover Interior Design for yourself, take on our 12 week challenge.

Interior Designer Quiz
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