Why Use Red? Interior Design Tip

Why Use Red? Interior Designers Love It!

Why use red for interiors? It’s such a strong color, it’s almost too scary to think about using as it jumps out at you and screams – “look at me!” This means that if you use it in an interior you need to get it right. We have a quick interior design tip video with examples of red and some photographs below. Take a look at how it gets used and don’t be afraid to play around with it as an interior designer or decorator.

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It is an awesome front door color.

Come on in Through the Bold Front Doors

Red is used a lot for front doors. It is a strong color that is opulent and sends a signal of wealth and prosperity in many cultures. It makes it easy to find the front door and it’s warm and solid looking. Next time you are out for a walk, count how many red front doors you see.

A sense of ceremony with red carpet

Roll out the Red Carpet

You will all be familiar with the term “red carpet”. It is traditionally used to show the route taken by heads of state on ceremonial and formal events, and is also used by VIPs and celebrities at formal events to provide a sense of occasion and mark the part for the special guests. In this image, the sense of occasion is a wedding in a formal place of worship. It provides the style and luxury required for special events.

The range wins the focal point of the kitchen.

Ready to Cook in Red

Sometimes we just want to use red because we like it. In this kitchen, the range is red – love it! The kitchen design is simple with lovely use of texture in the choice of timber and marble and the range is the focal point – red and ready to cook! Let’s face it this color loves taking the center stage.

Rocking it in a red dress

Rocking it in that Dress

You will see that red is often worn by extroverts, people who like to be the center of attention. It is a difficult color to pull off as you have to be confident wearing it as everyone will be looking at you. Next time you are out and about or at a power board meeting – see who is wearing red and how you look at them differently to someone wearing blue.

Why use red? The Chinese use red as it represents wealth, fame and prosperity.

Glowing Red Lanterns

In the Chinese culture, red represents wealth, fame, and prosperity. They have a lot of festivals with red being a prominent color as well as for weddings, and other celebrations. They not only have the red lanterns but costumes and other forms of decoration. The majority of Chinese lanterns are this color, and these lanterns symbolize a prosperous business and a thriving life. It’s a strong belief so they all follow.

Step out on red stairs

Step it up!

Red is used to create a sense of drama, used here for this staircase, it is a very strong color set against the white floor and walls. There is no missing where you need to go to get up or down in this building. It is striking, creates a focal point for the building and is unique and a bold statement in today’s often conservatively designed commercial spaces.

A focal point

A Pop of Color?

A simple entrance is lifted with the use of a red upholstered sitting space for this building. It is used to create a feature in this simple space, it allows for people to sit and wait for their friends, you can say – “I’ll meet you at the red couch”, it’s memorable and adds a well needed dose of color and movement to this static space. I would probably add a piece of art above with a dash of red in it, the couch is a bit of a stand alone feature in one color for my liking, I like to share it around a little. That’s my take on it – feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

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