Use Warm Colors if no Natural Light – Design Tip

Natural light is a luxury in a home. Sometimes we don’t get a lot of natural light in a room and have to choose colors to warm it up. Take a look at the video and the photos below and you will begin to understand what I am talking about. If you want to create the illusion of more natural light in a room then using warmer colors is a good way to do it. Not too dark though as dark colors don’t reflect much light and we do want to make sure we still manage to get as much reflected light in the room as we can.

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Warm natural light

Warm Autumn Tones

In this interior, you can see that there is some natural light on the right hand side of the room. Using the warm autumn toned colors makes the room look automatically feel warm and welcoming.

Choose warm colors

“Choose warm colors for rooms that receive little or no natural sunlight.” –

Artificial Light

Only Artificial Light

Warm walls, warm accessories, a dark floor to ground the scheme and a light sofa to open up the space. The subtle terracotta on the walls generates a sense of warmth and embraces the viewer.

Bold Yellow

No Natural Light? Go Bright Yellow – Bold and Daring

Internal spaces without natural light don’t have to be white. See how yellow has been used with some artificial light to generate a warm and inviting seating booth. The yellow then reflects onto the white wall at the back and generates the appearance of a warm yellow white.

Colorful walls

Floral Bathroom to Compensate for no Natural Light

Bathrooms are often painted white as they are small and have little natural light. In this bathroom we have a warm colored floral wallpaper to change the status quo. It’s just a small part of the room, but it adds color, pattern and texture to the bathroom.

Warm wall color

Warm Wall Color

Warm muted color on the walls of this living room creates a moody living room space using artificial light. A living room is often used more at night than other times of the day so it does pay to think about decorating for the evening and using artificial light.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at using warm colors when you lack natural light.  See more Interior Design Tips

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