Using Tiles – Interior Design Tip

Interior Design Tips For Using Tiles

We see tiles used everywhere and take them for granted, it’s not until you have to go and choose some yourself that you realize all the possible different types there are and that not all the ones you like can be used where you want them! That is why it pays to do your homework before you specify or buy.

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Selecting Tiles in the Kitchen

Kitchen tiles

It used to be that small tiles were used on the walls and larger ones on the floor of kitchens, this was to do with the scale of the spaces. Now I am seeing large tiles used on the walls as well as the floor. The only thing to consider here is how do they look if they have to be cut multiple times to get around things like windows and cupboards, so they lose the large tile look? You can see in this kitchen that they have use very large rectangular tiles on the floor and small diamond shaped on the walls. These proportions allow the floor to look spacious and the smaller tiles provide protection from water and texture to the interior scheme.  You will require a harder glazed tile made from harder materials to withstand traffic than the properties required of a wall tile. 

Do you homework

Exterior Tiles

Exterior Tiles

When you are considering tiles for outside, you need to take into account the climate you live in. If you get low termperatures, frost damage can occur. This is caused when ceramic tiles absorb moisture through their pores, then when the temperature drops the water freezes internally expanding creating tension in the tile. This tension can cause enough pressure to crack ceramic tiles. Therefore for areas that have below zero temperatures at any time of year, specify or purchase ceramic tiles with frost resistance for outdoor installations. The alternative is to select porcelain tiles as they are weather resistant. They do not absorb water so they will not crack due to the cold, but allow for expansion joints and ensure there is adequate spacing between the tiles for the grout as this can be prone to the temperature change.

Large Size in the Shower

Shower Tiles

Tiled showers are very popular. Over the years, small tiles were often used, mosaics or square white glazed ceramic tiles, but for maintenance, look and durability you can’t go past large sized glazed porcelain for the walls. They won’t stain because they are sealed and they are very durable, easy to clean, and come in any size and color. The current manufacturing process is amazing that you can literally get designs in any form, it’s almost too hard to choose what look you want! The larger size means that there are fewer grout lines, so the cleaning is easier. You will require a different finish for the shower floor so that you can achieve slip resistance. These details your salesperson can assist you with, they often have matching ones with different finishes to cater for bathrooms and showers.

Tiles are Ideal for Commercial Projects

Commercial Tiles

Tiles are used regularly for public spaces. They are hard, durable, easy to clean and last longer than painted finishes. As you can see here, we have a combination of smooth shiny tiles on the walls – I don’t believe that these are ceramic or porcelain tiles as they curve. What do you think they are? But there are definitely tiles on the ground with a textured rough surface. A great contrast between rough and smooth surfaces.

Traditional Tessellated Floor

You can’t beat the look of historic tessellated floor tiles as well as the durability. Have you ever been into an old building and seen at the entrance how these have worn on the steps over time but still look amazing.

Bathroom Color

Tiles are always a popular choice for bathrooms. Once again large on the floor and smaller on the walls. The glazed ceramic wall tiles in a chevron pattern add color and texture to the space.

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