When is a designer right or wrong?

When is a designer right or wrong?

I recently was contacted by a contractor on a project that was almost complete, I had allowed the client to make a change, she wanted a feature wall in the corporate color (lime green) in the reception area. It wasn’t what I would have chosen, but being an isolated area I decided to compromise the design concept and let the change happen, it wouldn’t upset the flow of the remainder of the building.

Well, when the rest of the staff saw the color they all wanted it in their offices. Lime green overload! The contractor had gone ahead with this, even though I had not given him the instruction, and when I saw it, it was worse than I thought. Chris came with me and calmed me down, he thought it was bright and funky. The staff loved it and I was the only one upset.

Unfortunately as designers we do get a little precious. We can go through the entire process of taking the client brief, creating a beautiful workable concept, get the project underway and then the client just has to have the last say.

What I mean is you can educate your client on the process of interior design, make them trust you, after all you have managed to come up with a concept they like, you are a professional and you can visualize the end result.

If they choose to deviate from the scheme, then the results speak for themselves, the design concept has been compromised. Don’t get me wrong here, the client involvement is extremely important, but if they want to make changes and have input once the project is underway then you need to stress the importance of letting you know what they want to do.

At the end of the day, my client was happy, I don’t think long term they will be as I believe the color was too intense for a work place. We will see who is right and who is wrong? (Still a sore point for me obviously!)

Interior design isn’t black or white, it is all personal interpretation. There are no hard fast rules, just guidelines for us to work by. So just remember that being creative cannot be marked with a tick or a cross, only by how good you make your client feel at the end of your project.

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2 thoughts on “When is a designer right or wrong?”

  1. Yes, it is a good experience to be share.
    I agree that the taste is very personal and finally the decision is made by our customer. So no matter the decision, it is a good choice as long as our customer is happy.


  2. kathlene melvin

    For an answer to when is a designer right or wrong I feel that when they don't listen to their client and don't take in to consideration that the design is there to make the client happy not always the designer that is when they are wrong. I feel that a lime green accent wall that is properly placed in a office setting creates a livelier atmosphere and promotes a sense of growth and wealth. I think it is a good idea to express to the client your thoughts and expertise, then if they want something different than you would have chosen they may find in a year or two that you were right and have it painted the color you had thought of at the beginning. Since everyone is different therefor so are businesses it's not black and white. Hey it's paint and can always be redone. It is one of the cheaper ways to make change.

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