Design has no Age Limits

A colleague of mine has been taking home design magazines from our office for her mother to read. She is at home all day on her own and loves to have something to do with her time.
She is in her 70’s yet she can still get excited and passionate about learning design. My colleague said she walked into the room recently and could hear her having conversations with herself as she browsed through the magazines and was astonished with some of the design “oohing” and “aahing” at some pieces and was thinking about situations to use some of the designer furniture and was pretty much having a great time.

So it just goes to show you that you are never too old to learn about design or to appreciate it.

The same can be said for children. They can be quite pedantic about how they want their bedrooms to look, what colors they like, and where they want to place their things in their room. They are also very good at having a designer shopping list! I don’t leave design magazines around my daughter! The temptation for her to put things on her wish list is too great.

I do find that children are very tactile and love feeling fabrics and jumping on furniture in showrooms. This is speaking from experience as my children have been brought up being dragged through interior design showrooms. They have to touch everything and then they judge it. It is interesting, I think as we get older we tend to become a bit more proper and keep our hands to ourselves and “just look” waiting for something to jump out at us. Take my advice, act like a kid, touch all the fabrics, squeeze all the pillows and cushions, you will be amazed at how different they feel, lie down on the bed, curl up on the sofa, sit yourself into the bathtub. Design isn’t just about good looks, it has to fit the user, it has to be comfortable and functional, but often it is only the good looks that sell to most people.

So in conclusion to this opinion of mine, don’t hold back on learning about design, it doesn’t matter what age you are, you are never too young or too old to learn and appreciate the world of design. At we have young 13 year old students and retired 80 year old students who all achieve different things from their learning experience. Take a leap and get on board, have fun learning interior design and decorating with

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