Using Red – Interior Design Tip

Using red for interiors is a bold color choice, as it is so rich and luxurious it can add a lot to a space, but it can also be overwhelming if not used correctly. We have some examples where red is used entirely in a room, as an accent, used as a block of color, and used to provide confidence. Read on and see how red has been used well and start to use your imagination on how you can incorporate red into your color schemes.

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Red luxury room

Using Red to it’s Limits – Creating a Luxurious and Mysterious Space

The use of opulent velvets and glossy lips (I believe this is a tongue-in-cheek version of The Mae West Lips Sofa which is a surrealist sculpture in the form of a sofa by Salvador Dalí.) with soft downlights creates a warm moody luxurious space on the flip side depending on how you interpret the space it also portrays a fun and funky look with playful tendencies. Find out more red color meanings to help you choose colors for interiors.

Red everywhere

Bright and Bold Corridor

How do you feel when you look at this corridor? It is warm and enveloping. Bright and bold, with subtle texture to break up the color. I think it’s great to see designers stepping outside the square when it comes to color. How often do you see a red ceiling? What about a red floor? Exactly.

Used as an accent color

How about Red as an Accent

Red as an accent is a very good way to create a focal point in a room. Check out the red pendant light – counterbalanced with the red pillow on the bed. You could do this using a different color as well – imagine bright yellow, lime green, or aqua, all would look great as an accent in this space as the bedroom interior decoration has been designed to be neutral. The use of red in this way allows a fun bright color in the bedroom, if it was used everywhere it would be too stimulating for a bedroom. Check out the difference when you look at this red bedroom.

Warm tones in a dressing room

The Color Red Flatters the Skin

The color red flatters the skin tone and is often used in clothing stores and dressing rooms. Salespeople want to sell clothes and if your skin looks good in that dress you try on the jacket you hold up – you’ll feel more positive and inclined to buy it.

luxury car

Red the Perveived Color of Luxury

I know this isn’t an interior design image but when searching for red interior photos – I was bombarded with photos of red sports cars with female models. Why is red so popular for cars? It makes it look more luxurious. Compare a red sports car to a white one? It just doesn’t look the same!

This color evokes confidence

Red Creates a Sense of Confidence

When you wear red, it exudes a sense of power, it provides the wearer with a sense of confidence. Check out this young lady – she looks ready to take on anything that comes her way! Confidence is glowing and she makes you smile. Color is a powerful tool we can use in everyday life, understanding how colors work is a fantastic skill to have.

Color blocking with red
Color Blocking

As you can see here, red is a popular color for color blocking. See how it stands out and provides a feature on this neutral-toned building. Once you start to discover how color works you will begin to see examples of how color blocking is used in architecture and interior design as you go about your daily tasks.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at how to use red.  See more Interior Design Tips

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