Red in the Bedroom – Design Tip

Do you have a red bedroom? Can you easily get to sleep? How do you think red works in a bedroom? Is it a color that you would choose to use in your bedroom or a bedroom you decorate for someone else?

Watch the video to get a few tips about using red in a bedroom, or not using red!

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Relax and sleep

Don’t use red in the bedroom as it increases your respiratory rate. You want to lower your heart rate, relax and sleep.

Red Bedroom Design

Red is a warm and luxurious color it sounds perfect for the bedroom but I wouldn’t suggest using red for a bedroom as it increases your respiratory rate, and you normally want to lower your respiratory rate, relax and sleep in your bedroom. Therefore it is not often used in large areas for bedrooms as it is a stimulating color, but it can be used to highlight and create the element of romance, love, and passionate luxury through the use of drapery, bed linen, and accessories, really just using it as accents and that is where red really excels. Find more color meaning for red.

Red bedroom

Red is very stimulating in this bedroom, there is some relief with the white bed linen and some natural light through the glass blocks, but probably too much red to be relaxing.

Calm relaxing blue

Blue is a more relaxing color to use in a bedroom, it’s calm and cool, it acts as a tranquilizer, it has healing properties, promotes peace is sedative, and lowers blood pressure. Compared to red I believe you will get a better night’s sleep selecting blue as a color to use in the bedroom. Find more color meanings for Blue

Fresh green interior bedroom

You may want to try using green in the bedroom, green is a harmonious color, it has calming properties and that is why it is used in the green room for actors as it helps steady nerves before a performance. It is also elegant and sophisticated with a traditional feel. Find more green color meanings.

Blue green serenity - learn more about color at willowcollege

The combination of blue and green in this bedroom creates an almost spiritual feel. The texture used on the walls breaks up the solid color and envelopes the user in the bedroom. I would personally find this bedroom very inviting because of the clever use of color. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Using no color in the bedroom

It is interesting to see the difference between having no color in a bedroom. There is a lot of texture which helps make the space look welcoming but the lack of color removes any emotion from the room. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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