Color Makes you Feel – Interior Design Tip

Color is such an awesome topic as color makes you feel things. It is an interior designer’s secret weapon. We can change how a room feels just by changing the color in it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is if you understand color and you probably understand more than you realize already. We see color around us every day but how often do we stop and think about why the space we are in is the color it is? Someone has taken the time to choose the color and they will probably have chosen it to achieve the feeling in the space that the color evokes. There – I bet you hadn’t thought about that!

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red color cafe

Color Makes you Feel – All Sorts of Amazing Things

Check out the red in this cafe! It’s a stimulating color it makes your heart rate increase, it helps your digestion, it makes you feel warm and welcome, it is rich and luxurious. Find out more red color meanings to help you choose colors for interiors.

Bright Bold Colors

Bright and Bold Staircase

How do you feel when you look at this stairwell? I feel happy and just want to run up it! It’s fun and frolicking! Not sure why I chose frolicking that but it’s how I feel looking at it. I just love the combination of pink with yellow and orange and then a splash of white. I feel my energy levels rising.

Calm Green Bedroom

Cool Calm Green Color Makes you Feel Relaxed

Understanding color means we can create spaces that change people’s moods, make them feel calm and relaxed, cool blues and greens work really well with bedrooms. They create the space that people can end their busy day feeling calm and restful before sleeping – perfect – compare that to a red bedroom.

Yellow - bright and glowing, great fun.

Have Fun with Yellow

Sometimes I have to throw in a random photo. Isn’t this so much fun? The walls are decorated in yellow rubber ducks! Too cute. I love the detail, even the color of the model’s hair matching her jacket. How does this photo make you feel? It makes me smile – yellow is a fun and happy color, just think of emoticons and smiley faces, they are yellow. Find the meanings for the color yellow.

Dark moody color

Dark Moody Color

In this warm and cozy cafe, the designer has used warm dark colors to create a sense of enclosing and enveloping us and making us feel welcome. Then they have used clever lighting to subtly brighten the space for dining. Imagine if the wall was white? How would you feel walking in?

St Basil's Cathedral - color makes you feel enthralled.

Cultural Use of Color

Many cultures have a long historic relationship with color. St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square Moscow has used color in a way that had no precedence in Russia but what joy it brings to the viewer. The saturation of color has been intensified over the years, it wasn’t originally this bright but it looks stunning and it makes you keep looking and looking and looking as your eye is constantly being let from one color combination to the next. Color in this instance creates a sense of awe and makes us feel amazed at the beauty of form and color.

 White walls as a backdrop, and color makes you feel happy.

We don’t always have to choose a color for the walls. Sometimes we need a neutral backdrop to create something special. This wall is white so it can show off a creative piece of artwork full of color. How do you feel when you look at this? I love the changing sizes and colors and the sense of randomness it creates.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at how color makes you feel.  See more Interior Design Tips

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