Interior Decorating Photo Week – Day One – Using Lamps for Decorating

Using Lamps for Decorating

Interior Decorating Photo Week

Just love lamps! After the success of our Color Photo Week, I thought I would continue. I really enjoy searching out the photos for you and I hope they provide a little inspiration for your work. Here is day one – today’s photo focus is Lamps for Interior Decorating. Lamps are a wonderful way to add decoration as well as specialized lighting.

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Using Lamps for Interior Decorating

Now it’s time to sit back and appreciate lamps and how you can use them to improve your interior decorating.

Floor Lamp
Stunning Floor Lamp sends off a lovely shadowed linear effect into the corner wall.

Photo Credit
Roberto Nickson (@g)

This lamp in the corner creates a sense of style in the room as well as adding a lovely light reflection on the wall. This lamp is for ambient lighting in the room. Love the pooch!

Task Lighting Table Lamp
This lamp is great for proving light to work with on a desk.

Photo Credit
Annie Spratt

This table lamp is a functional light. It is used for task lighting and often seen on student desks, office tables and in hobby rooms to provide lighting at a close distance for working with.

Driftwood Floor Lamp
Imagination goes a long way with Interior Decorating – driftwood used cleverly here roped onto a standard floor lamp.

Photo Credit
Brooke Lark

Floor lamps are a great way to show design flair in a room, this is an original way using driftwood tied to a very simple floor lamp to add some texture and theme to the lamp.

Pairs of Table Lamps
Table lamps always work well in pairs, a well balanced interior space shown here.

Pairs of table lamps always look good on side boards. Here they define the focal point of the room which is the painting. At night when they are switched on they will highlight the painting and create a lovely ambient light for the dining room.

Bedside Table Lamps
Matching pair of bedside table lamps, functional and aesthetically pleasing in this bedroom.

Table lamps are probably most commonly used for bedrooms. Matching pair on side tables provide a softer light at night when you are wanting to wind down to go to sleep. They are functional as they provide light task lighting at the correct height for reading in bed. They are also an easy way to enhance the theme or style in the bedroom.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at lamps and how you can use them for Interior Decorating, more great photos, ideas, and inspiration tomorrow.

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