Use Fresh Flowers – Interior Design Tip

Fresh flowers are often underestimated in the world of interior decorating, yet they are the finishing touch that adds the final piece of personality to a room in the home. It is often these types of finishing touches that are the hardest, but if you know how to add fresh flowers to a space you can finish a room with finesse and style as well as often adding a wonderful fragrance.

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Use fresh cut flowers

Using fresh cut flowers in your home is a simple and effective way to add color to your interior.

Fresh flowers in a vase - Tulips

Imagine this without the vase of tulips? Quite a different look. Fresh flowers are an easy way to add a sense of place to a space, add color and texture, create an aroma often, and balance a space. This vase of flowers contrasts the dark wall behind so they really are creating a focal point in the bedroom.

fresh bunch of flowers

A bouquet of flowers on a dining room table freshens up an interior. With loads of texture and color, they provide a focal point in the space and soften all the hard finishes in the room. Rich colors in the furniture and lavish fabrics, the cut flowers in the bouquet create a more relaxing feeling in the dining room.

an abundance of flowers

An invasion of fresh flower arrangements in this room add a sense of event, something special is about to happen, rich and luxurious the designs and colors are as complex as the interior. Special attention has been taken to add to the sense of ceremony in the formal room. Just love the mass of flower arrangements here. What do you think? Add your comments in the box below.

Stylish arrangement

Fresh cut flowers can be used as a decorative piece to tie in the colors of a room and be the focal point. Dramatic selection of exotic flowers and foliage create a stunning talking point for this coffee table.

Fresh flowers in the dining room

A bunch of the same flowers is a simple and casual way to add color to a room. You can see the kitchen is a practical and no-frills space and that the dining room is also a casual space and the selection of flowers matches the style of the house. There are so many different ways to use flowers in an interior.

The important thing to think about is what are you trying to achieve when selecting flowers? If you are making formal statements and creating a sense of grandeur and ceremony, the flower arrangements are generally arranged in more formal compilations in an orderly fashion. If it is for a family home and there are a lot of things already happening, simple arrangements work best. If you want to make a statement in a space that needs a finishing touch or a focal point the more elaborate designed arrangements work best, flower designs that use form and structure in the arrangement to create the focal point. They are of course just guidelines as you know anything that is creative has no rules or boundaries! But these tips are a good place to start with and when you have more confidence, you can push the boundaries further with your creativity.

country styled arrangement

Casual yet considered, this basket of flowers if bursting with color and would suit a cottage styled home or a warm and cozy family home, somewhere relaxed and already full of color. This is a wonderful arrangement to have near the home’s entry to provide a joyful and warm welcome signal to guests.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at using fresh flowers for interior design. See more Interior Design Tips

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