Dominant Color – Interior Design Tip

A simple way to learn about putting color schemes together is to start by using one dominant color, then you can slowly add small amounts of accent colors, textures and patterns until the room looks great. It’s easier to start with a main color then layer other colors because you will then have a base color to work from, you can use your color wheel to select colors that are complementary, split complementary, triadic, that you know will work with your selected main color. Once you have done this a few times you will know how to do it without having to pick up your color wheel! Practice makes perfect.

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Dominant color in the bedroom - red

The dominant color here is red, and uses predominantly a monochromatic color scheme, red, pink, burgundy. There are some accent colors on the wall decals, but it is predominantly a monochromatic color scheme using red as the main color. Red with white makes pink, red with black makes burgundy which you can see in the chairs and the side drawers, bed base. The feature wall is pink.

The dominant color is peach

The dominant color in this image is peach, it is the bedspread and cushions with some highlight or accent colors black white, and golden yellow. This main color works because they have kept the accent colors neutral with a pop of golden yellow that lifts the scheme and creates the focal point. The dominant color does not necessarily mean that it is the focal color or the color we are drawn to. The texture in the blanket, bedhead and cushions give the scheme three dimensions so it doesn’t look flat or boring.

Choose one dominant color then add accent colors with pattern and texture.

Dominant Color

Color schemes work best with one dominant color and scatter accent colors to add detail, pattern and texture.

A cluttered but cozy look created here. using a neutral taupe as the dominating color with the hanging plants being the highlight or accent color and texture. This is a well-curated space in a retail home store presenting items for sale, it’s easy to buy things when you can see how great they look in a room.

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