Less is Best When Interior Decorating- Interior Design Tip

Think less is best when you are decorating, by all means add your personal ornaments, but be selective, use only a few at a time, you can always change them every few months to add variety to your space. If you make your space too crowded, the viewer’s eye is darting all over the place and they don’t know where to focus. Select important items and group them together. Three is always a good number to use, also think about varying the heights and sizes of the items to add interest and rhythm.

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Less is best - group item together for best effect.

When creating a well-decorated space, group similar items together using different heights, textures, and finishes like this grouping on the mirror tray. You can also see another grouping on the table behind. A mirror on the wall and two items on the table of different heights. It’s easy when you start looking around and observing what other people do to decorate. Always keep searching for new ideas. Interior decorators are forever learning

Interior Design Tip

Don’t be afraid of curating your interior decorating. Just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Store it if you love it and bring it out on another day when your curate your interior space to change the look. Telling a story is important and it’s best if you only have a few things to focus on. It’s a hard thing to get used to but start creating a discipline of creating or curating small stories in your interior. Draw the viewer’s eye around the space from placement to placement. One will be a focal point. It will create a more interesting space and a more relaxing space. When there are too many “things” in a room you don’t know where to look. By only using a select few items, it makes it easier on the eye and more relaxing to enter the space and feel comfortable and at home.

Keep it simple - less is best

Keeping things simple like this image means you actually focus on what is on the shelves. If there were four things on each shelf how do you think it would feel then? You can see that three of the shelves have one plant, the fourth has a small grouping of three, but they are so close together they read as one. Creating a sense of balance and proportion makes it pleasing to the eye. On top of the unit are essentially three groupings, the plants on the left, the books in the middle, and the candles on the right. Close coupled and generating a simple and pleasing grouping.

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Simple and functional, you can be more creative working at a desk that is unencumbered. Remember that curated selected items of interest stay a focal point when less is best. Only use what you need and create a statement in your interior. Learn about removing clutter.

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