Monochrome Color Interior Design Tip

Why use a Monochrome color scheme?

Do you know what a monochrome color scheme is? It is a color scheme that is created using only one hue (color). It can have multiple variations of that color but they are all within the same hue. It is an easy to look at color scheme but the design tip today for you about using a monochromatic color scheme is that you have to remember to use textures and patterns with different products to ensure that the color scheme does not appear boring and flat.

Watch Lee Brown from give you a profession design tip about Monochrome Color Schemes.

Cool monochromatic color scheme

A monochromatic color scheme is the easiest scheme to create, but can fail miserably if you do not add texture and pattern. It will appear flat and boring. In this scheme, the floor rug has texture, the white washed timber chair has a worn texture, along with the table, the timber walls also have a white was but have a linear pattern which provides relief to the scheme. Imagine if that was a flat white wall and how different the scheme would look.

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monochrome color scheme with texture and pattern

Using one color and having pattern to provide relief to the wall in the form of tiles and texture in the lime wash wall finish above the tiles.

Monochrome color scheme

Monochromatic schemes can be seen using bold colors too! Not just soft and subtle colors but bold and bright colors. This scheme works because it has a textured screen – the cut out circles, the vertical divisions on the wall, and break/change in color. The textures are very subtle on the cushions, chair and curtains, keeping the main focal point of the room the cutout screen. You will see how the indoor palm behind the chair breaks the monochrome color scheme, adding freshness and nature to the space. Visit Monochromatic Color Schemes to see more examples

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