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Cool colors can be used in rooms when there is a lot of warm natural sunlight. Love color – find out more with interior design tips from Watch the video and see examples of how cool colours are used on the walls when there is ample natural sunlight.

Watch Lee Brown from WillowCollege present an interior design tip about fresh using cool colors when there is a lot of natural sunlight. Make sure you subscribe to WillowCollege’s Youtube channel so you don’t miss any interior design tips.

Use cool colors if you have a lot of natural light

Choose cool colors for rooms that receive a lot of natural sunlight.

The amazing cool color aqua.

Cool aqua in this room creates a sense of calm in what could be a very hot room if it was painted in warm colors. There is a sprinkle of warmth with the yellow tulips.

Aqua, cool calm and amazing!

Light and airy, cool colored aqua walls with natural timber floor and white trim and chairs. There is an abundance of windows allowing natural light to flood the room. The scale of the windows allow the outside to appear like it’s part of the room.

Black wallpaper and natural light

The ability to add a very dark cool color to a room when you have so much natural light can create a sense of drama like this dining room. The wallpaper literally leaps off the wall and sets the scene. It’s then grounded by the dark floor rug and highlighted by the stunning green chairs.

gorgeous olive tones, cool and moody

Natural filtered light creates a soft and subtle cool colored room. Lots of texture, some indoor plants and cool colored fabric on the sofa. The use of natural timber floors and accessories bring the subtle addition of warmth to a soft cool living room.

Cool grey and lovely diffused light

Cool color in a bedroom, a calm and industrial look. The filtered light through the sheers add warm natural light to the room.

Rich ambience and fun cushions

Cool colors like this blue green wall set a wonderful backdrop for this comfortable couch. Check out the floor rug, dark and moody but sits beautifully in a room with loads of natural light. Having good natural light means you can use dark cool colors and make a statement and don’t these flowers make a beautiful floor rug.

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