Keeping it clean – does a minimalist interior make sense?

After spending hours trying to keep my house clean, I decided to get ruthless and go minimalist!
I have packed away anything that is not 100% necessary for my survival.

What a difference it makes. I feel like the house is twice a big, and like I am breathing fresh air, not air laden with dust that I could never get rid of (living in the country doesn’t help with this problem), but it sure means only a few minutes to wipe down surfaces now and the house always looks good. I should have done it years ago.

Unfortunately you just don’t realize how your house becomes “full”, I think perhaps we should make a rule, that when you buy something new, you have to sacrifice something old to leave the house, recycle it, sell it or give it away. I can’t believe what a difference it makes and now I am going to stick to the minimalist look, as I feel I can mentally breathe now without all the clutter.
Yes, now here is my confession….. as we work from home, and because my daughter and I are “clutterbugs” we live in a constant state of disarray, but making these changes have meant that even her room has stayed tidy for an entire week! This is a world record. She now has some pride in how good her room looks and I can finally see the floor in there!

Anyway, for those of you who are clutterbugs or you just have the misfortune of living with one, I have an article on the website that may help you change you life!
Read about how to cure the clutterbug here

3 thoughts on “Keeping it clean – does a minimalist interior make sense?”

  1. Ohhh, Lee,
    I am a clutterbug, and it's even hard now, because I just brought aour new home and I trying to decorate…it is a small townhome(1300 sq.ft), but it's kind of cozy and comfy!
    The renovation part it is just finish!!!Finally!
    So…I try to make clen, airy spaces…
    I have a biiiig, big problem:it is not to much natural light, and I don't know how I deal with that!

    Any advice???
    I think maybe light color window treatments?
    I learn in your curtain e-course some things!GREAT COURSES!
    All the best for you and your family!

    Ana Thomas
    California, USA

  2. Hi Ana
    I would try some free standing lamps in the corners of your room. By lighting up the corners, it makes the room appear larger and lighter. Light color window treatments also works and make sure your ceiling is a light color to reflect what natural light you do get.

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