Interior Decorating Photo Week – Day Seven – Color

Color – Interior Decorating Photo Week – Day Seven

Color is today’s focus on day seven. After the success of our Color Photo Week, here we go again, this time it’s Interior Decorating Photo Week. I enjoy digging out these photos for you. I hope they provide inspiration for your work and make you smile. 

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Color – Design Inspiration

Color Design Inspiration

I just love the mental stimulation this image provides. Striking colors one after the other, colored glass creating a flood of colored light into this building. Stunning and daring on the designer’s part. A wonderful contrast to what is happening on the other side of the glass, the complete lack of color.

Bold Green

Bold Green

Solid green upholstery on these chairs set the tone for an interesting interior. The floor rug is brown and textured and imitates the earth. The wall mural is wild yet playful incorporating flora and fauna in an intriguing way. The large glass pendant lights are hung low and create an intimate space for conversation. Green can be classed as a neutral as it can team up with any colors and look fantastic.

Creative Color

Creative Color

For an interior, starting with the floor is often the easiest way to create your interior scheme, but where would you start with this floor. The designer here has decided to completely ignore it and lift color to the next level, bigger and bolder, highly saturated hues that stimulates us, with strong contrasts so we can focus on the highlighted pieces of furniture and artwork. It certainly is busy but it serves it’s purpose of a stimulating and vibrant dining space.

Simple Statement

Simple Statement

Sometimes all it takes is a bold statement for your upholstery and a contrasting color on the wall. Simple yet truly effective here. I love how the seats pop out at you. I don’t believe I have anything more to say but I love it!

Color from Nature

Color in Nature

I mentioned earlier about green being a neutral, you can see from these flowers how it happily sits as the backdrop for this wonderful array of brilliant colors. Flowers provide great color inspiration. That probably explains why there are so many floral wallpapers and fabrics, the design and colors simply work.

Primary and Secondary Colors

Primary and Secondary Colors

How often do we see color schemes using primary colors – very often, here we see they have added a secondary color for a refreshing change – orange pops in to brighten up the space, imagine if they weren’t orange but red, how would the scheme work then? Only primary colors and too predictable, the orange is a made from red and yellow and is right at home in this interior.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Color photos to give you some interior design inspiration. That’s the end of Interior Decorating Photo Week. You can see Day One Lamps, Day Two Exterior Decorating, Day Three Contemporary DecoratingDay Four Traditional Decorating, Day Five Furniture, Day Six Window Treatments.

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If you love Pinterest like we do, try using Tailwind, it’s a great way to post and manage all your Pins, try Tailwind now.

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