Interior Decorating Photo Week – Day Three – Contemporary Decorating

Contemporary Decorating – Interior Decorating Photo Week

Let’s look at contemporary Decorating. After the success of our Color Photo Week, I thought I would continue. I really enjoy finding the photos for you and I hope they provide great inspiration for your work. Here is day three – today’s photo focus is Contemporary Decorating.

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Contemporary Decorating

Now it’s time to sit back and look at some contemporary decorating images, observe and use them for your design inspiration. I know I was inspired!

Contemporary Wall Art Work
Contemporary Wall Art Work

Photo Credit Derick McKinney

Grand artwork always provides me with inspiration. I love the scale of this contemporary installation as well as the simplicity and lack of color. It makes you think and look outside the square when you start decorating.

Contemporary Light Art Installation
Contemporary Light Art Installation

Photo Credit Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

As I have mentioned above, art is always a great way to be inspired. This contemporary light installation gets you thinking – ordered lit chaos is one interpretation, what do you think? Feel free to add your comments.

Simple contemporary decoration in this photo. Simple grommet top curtains with soft folds. A simple house plant in a terracotta pot adding the only color to the space. It creates a calm and restful interior.

Contemporary decorating at its best – these look like Eames DAR Armchairs, but I think they may be a creative variation of as they have no arms. A very common sight in today’s modern homes. Comfortable and versatile chairs.

Contemporary Living
Contemporary Living

Photo Credit mark chaves

Is this a futuristic interior or an interior from the 1970’s, lovely organic lines in the furniture, following the same form in the windows. Simple neutral color tones allow for the form to dominate not the color.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the contemporary decorating photos to give you some design inspiration. More great photos, ideas, and inspiration tomorrow. You can see Day One Lamps and Day Two Exterior Decorating.

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