How I am Coping with the Christmas Rush

How I am Coping with the Christmas Rush

At this time of year, all I want to do is throw my hands in the air, find a rock to hide under and wish Christmas would come and go while I was catching up on some sleep! Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, I will have to decorate the house and the tree, buy and wrap all the presents, write Christmas cards, entertain people, feed people and pander to my children who are on holiday from school and the demands from them have already started.

I wish we could hold our breath and go back in time when life was simpler, children were thrilled to have a (yes just one) gift from Santa, have Christmas dinner with family, sing a few carols, spend time with each other and relax.

Now we are all competing to see who has the best decorated house, whose Christmas tree decorations topped last year’s designs and if we can beat the gifts we purchased for our loved ones last year.

Or are we?

I don’t know if the global recession has hit you, your family and your country, but it certainly has here in New Zealand, I hear people apologizing for not sending their friends Christmas cards, expressing that Santa will have a light load to carry this Christmas and that the company Christmas party just doesn’t exist anymore.

It all reaks of desperation and expresses the desire for a better year next year. I admit it feels a bit that way for me too, I am exhausted,  I can’t wait for a holiday and I  would love for Santa’s helpers to come and do their magic at my house.Yeah right! I think I will just keep everything low key this year and focus on the important things (chocolate!) no really, I am going to kick back and go to the beach, take a walk and get my inspiration back, something that leaves me when I get tired.

I just want to express my gratitude to all our readers and followers, without you we wouldn’t survive. We get so many lovely emails about how we are making a difference to people’s lives and that makes all the hard work worthwhile for us, so if you want to help us out at Christmas, spread the word and tell your friends about, the more people we can get on board, the more ecourses we can write. Does that sound like a good deal? Great, so just email a friend and get them on board this Christmas, so they can start learning in the New Year, ( a positive fresh start for 2011).We can’t wait to meet them.

Now just to prove that I am not all doom and gloom at Christmas, ( I am just extremely tired and venting to you because you listen), I will send you to download a free Christmas song written and performed by our very own Chris Brown called Paper Gold, and yes he was a winner in the song contest if you voted for him, thank you so much. You can buy the album it’s called Cool ‘n’ Yule .

I have also written an article about decorating for Christmas in a modern way, less fuss and a simpler style of design. I hope it will give you a few ideas to simplify your decorating so you have time to spend with your family, take a walk on the beach like me or depending on where you live, kick about in the snow and enjoy a white Christmas.

I send my best wishes to you all and will get around to writing December’s newsletter, so expect it any day now! Merry Christmas and a Happy and energized New Year!
Kind Regards
Lee Brown

8 thoughts on “How I am Coping with the Christmas Rush”

  1. What a breath of fresh air to hear such honesty in your words Lee. A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and Chris and the family! Thank you also for putting up Chris's song Paper Gold. I am glad he won the competition! lotz love
    Sasha (Tasmania).

  2. hey lee! i am sooooooo happy that chris is a winner in that contest. do not worry, THE LORD is your strength even in this stressful time. Thank u for bringing interior dezines to our door steps. i wish u, ur family, and the entire interiordzine family a merry Christmas and blessed new year!

  3. Hi Lee I am verrrryyyyy happpy getting the wishes from you. I pray to God for His blessings for Chris you and your children. Best wishes for you and your family. I feel nice to hear that Chris has won the competition. He is a very blessed songwriter and singer and this success is something what he deserves. Wishing for more success for him. It is also nice to see that the black shadow of recession is slowly going away day by day. Hope Christmas would enlighten our would with joy and happiness

  4. I´m truelly glad Im in Brazil this year for Xmas time! Although our country has the best economy for the last 30 years, we kept the culture of one gift each, so that makes life much easier! I know it will be the first time over 15 years that I will finally enjoy Christimas as it should be…
    Happy Holidays!

    Sandra Thurston

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