How to Keep A Designer Bedroom Look

How do you keep your designer bedroom looking good?

This is a problem I find in all areas of design, when you complete the job, the room looks great, you go back two months later and it looks like a jumble sale! So how do you keep the bedroom you have designed looking great?

Keep your designer bedroom looking good.

You need to plan well and make sure that there is room to store all the things you require in the bedroom.

  • Make sure there is enough wardrobe space. If there isn’t then advise them to store out of season clothing and rotate it with the seasons. This means the wardrobe won’t be spilling out into the room and finding the clothes will be easier. 
  • Use shoe racks to maximise the usage of space and make the wardrobe more ordered.
  • Select side tables with a drawer or two so you can put the little things you need beside your bed every night somewhere out of sight.
  •  Have decorative boxes of varying sizes to store things in, like jewelry, scarves, magazines, hats (hat boxes work well for storage), hand bags. These can be stacked in a decorative form in a corner.
  • Have a laundry basket, make sure it is in keeping with the bedroom design in a discreet place, this makes sure you place all your dirty clothes out of the way and they don’t pile up on the lovely chair you have but can never use!
  • Don’t allow too many “things” to be placed on top of dressers and drawers. Choose a few select pieces as features, and leave the rest, too many can look cluttered and be a distraction from dusting.
  • Bookcases – these are great, you can use these in multiple ways. The obvious is for storing books, the next you can buy small fabric type containers that you can sit on the shelves, you can then place the bits and pieces that have no home in them, nice and tidy. You can use cardboard boxes and decorate them, rattan boxes, anything that fits your theme or design.
  • Under bed storage is brilliant and I recommend investing in a storage unit that has wheels (there are numerous types available), this makes it easier to get in and out. Depending on the bed, this may not be possible, but if you have the space and it isn’t visible (it is covered by the bed covers, then use the space). The under bed storage is great for bulky things like extra pillows, extra blankets, ski jackets, coats not being used.

Those are a few easy ideas to think about when creating a Designer Bedroom to make sure it will stay looking like a Designer Bedroom fro months to come.

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4 thoughts on “How to Keep A Designer Bedroom Look”

  1. VERY good ideas. I have this problem. I get the bedroom looking all nice and neat, next week, it's all a jumble. So thanks for the storeage ideas!

  2. Some designers think that the bedroom is a "walk-in-the-park" design project. They're wrong! The bedroom is an important area in the house. This is where the day starts and end for our Client. Careful planning will lead to harmony and wellness among its users.

  3. Hi I'm Carlos form Mexico.

    I amazed the way you make it look simple and easy. That´s the way i love to learn about anything. Decoration and Design is totally new for me and a good challenge right now. I'm sure i will learn a lot from this tips, and i´m ready to put on practice right away at my own room ¿why not?.
    Thank you.

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