What is Art?

What is Art?

I guess the answer to that question is almost anything these days. Modern art can be “interesting” to say the least. In fact, I often wonder about the minds of some contemporary artists and what planet they were on when the concepted their idea, but perhaps I am a little conservative as I had been taught that art was something with a frame, throw in a bit of sculpture and there you go.
Not today, art covers anything creative, so I guess I am now what I always wanted to be – an artist. How cool, do I now get to be free to say anything I want, wear weird clothes, have wild mood swings and put big price tags on my work? I don’t think so. Food for thought, it might me energizing to let loose and play the wild artist once and a while. I am digressing.

mural art on the wall

unsplash-logoArun Kuchibhotla

Art or the arts includes dance, music, drama, comedy, writing, anything that has the slightest bit of creativity to it. That must mean we can draw a definite line between members of the art world and the rest, our brains are quite different. Ask a ballerina what she sees in a painting, then ask an lawyer, the ballerina will see a story, movement, color, emotion as that is the way she is trained to think (or feel), the lawyer will see the facts, what they can recognize as normal and anything else is just weird. (sorry lawyers – I had to choose one profession and my sister and sister in law are accountants, so I would get in trouble for using that industry).

art at the ballet

unsplash-logoHudson Hintze

Where I am coming from here is that we all see art or the world in a different way, but we don’t just see it, we hear it, we feel it, it sparks something inside us, be it good or bad emotion it makes us think. So my definition of Art is something that makes us think, or changes our line of thinking, lets us stretch our brains a little outside our comfort zone and creates an emotional response.

art on the wall

unsplash-logoH E N G S T R E A M

Now that I have shared my ideas about art, inspired by visiting our local art gallery yesterday with my family and viewing all sorts of weird and wonderful pieces of art, I should talk about interiors as that is what this blog is focused on.

Art in a gallery

unsplash-logoMartino Pietropoli

So how can we incorporate art into our homes, I must admit, some of the sculpture we say yesterday was so fragile, that it would be in pieces if we had it in our home, so for now I will be sticking with art on the walls (here is an article on how to hang artwork). I think some art is best kept in a gallery for everyone to see.

I collect my children’s art as it reminds me how children see the world, big happy faces, with over sized eyes, huge smiles, hand holding stick figures, simple bright color and an innocence that is so quickly lost in today’s fast paced world. Oh I am getting distracted again! I am up early as we had another after shock this morning that shock the house for quite sometime, so I couldn’t sleep.

Children's art

unsplash-logoPhilip Veater

Actually for a change instead of me telling you how to do things, I would like to hear from you about how you use art in the broad term in interiors. Please leave a comment below, don’t reply to your email as no one but me will see it, simply leave a comment below and we can get a good idea of how we can use art in different ways. Here is one example that just sprung to mind, I walk past a house every morning and it has fabulous sculpture in the garden, you can view it from all angles this way and it changes it’s appearance in the different light and the different seasons. Blast, another after shock. Gotta go, please leave a comment, got to check the children.

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55 thoughts on “What is Art?”

  1. art art art . the thing that I like and could not have it. actually, art has strong effect to the mood . I have difficulties to use the art in interior design because of some reasons
    1- the fast updating for the mode and technology.
    2- the load of work and life stress I can't have the good mood to design.
    3- maybe I don't have the talent
    in the country where I am from, they can make art from any thing. the arabic tent, the handmade tools, the natural desert, ….. , the simple paint, the romance poems and the traditional music.

  2. I agree. Art is anything from what you wear to what you eat!

    To me art defines who I am and where I come from. In my country we have diverse cultures which are represented by the different arts through painting, carvings, weaving, ways of cooking, music, village home settings, language etc, all these define each unique cultural group we belong to. I call it the beauty of Arts!

  3. Hi this is Shreyas from India I am an artist and for me art is some thing that moves the spectator aesthetically. The art work should evoke some emotion and must communicate some feeling or it must remind the spectator the experiences that he or she has ecperienced in his life time. Regarding the prices it is the art market to decide about it. One must also read the litrature written by Sir Leo Tolstoy.

    Would like to mail some of my works.

  4. Art is when people looking or listening something, because has something new, something different. To create different, is to create art. Artists are unique.

  5. Read the Leo Tolstoy book

    Art is truth, beauty, and good.Truth means it must be related to the Almighty in account to God's laws & statutes in the Torah.

  6. This is Kajal from India,I think..
    'Art' is way of doing things differently but beautifuly.
    It could b in anything u do.

  7. Yes, I agree. Art is ceativity that is playing in your mind. I used to compose songs and in doing so a lot of notes & lyrics are playing in my mind and its just a matter of how you compile the notes and lyrics to come up with a good song. Just like a song writer a designer has a creative mind as well. And the product of this is art.

  8. My brother uses hand materials to carve out images with an object on metal and it takes weeks to complete one piece. People should be able to identify the hours of work that artists' put into their work to complete pieces and would therefore not complain about the price tag. visit http://artmetal.yolasite.com

  9. Hi, this is Kirti from India. According to me, art is the combination or mixture of thoughts in mind which can be given any tangible form.for eg: experiences of life, thoughts, moods,thinking, behaviour,likes,dislikes,personality,culture,traditons,etc..These can be given tangible forms such as painting,statue, colours to reflect mood & personality,view about some issue etc…Concluding all above, "Art is simply a process and skill to convey some thing which has some purpose,story, meaning through creative use of available resources".

  10. First Lee, how are doing? Is the nature still acting up? Hi, its Yelena. I like how you redesigned the site, it looks more artistic. The art is the way to express once feelings, view on life, love and other fundamental things. In Russian we have a say, that the souls sings, when the soul cryes. It means that you can sing better or more affectioately, whe you are sad, in-love, upset or experiencing other deep feelings. The same goes to art, music , even design. I think that artist has to pull its creation thourough the radar of its heart before implementig it. That way it will touch other's hearts too and then the magic of art will happen. And this is art. Please read Leo Tolstoy, but listen to Yany's piano music.

  11. Art is summarized in design, beauty, creativity and is personal to each and everyone of us which is why we have different 'tastes' and don't see things the same way. That is the reason why the world keeps improving in terms of products, technology etc.Without art, everywhere would be dull and boring.Anything that fits into these is art

  12. great comments guys thanks so much, and yes we are still getting quite a few after shocks and it looks like we will for the next year….we will just have to learn to live with it.

  13. Art is —An idea genereted in nature [ man , machine , creature…]and taking a "beautiful physical form" revealed to the world .

  14. The term art has expanded in the last 20 years -because the communicati0n and travel has become so simple- it is not the same anymore- because of the ammount of information we take in about life and people -we constantly broaden our understanding of things-art also..but if we are talking about wall art- sculptures-then i would say it can be defined as an emotion or as a statement

  15. ART, art is the simple and best way you can design anything and make it looks presentable,,,its a way to express how you feel and highlight the the things you love the most.. Art is the way you use the simple thing to decorate your home and bring out a natural beauty and i could go on but next time.

  16. I was wanting to replace my picture over my sofa but could not find what I wanted for months. Then one day I was with friends in a discount store and there It was. I bought a wagon wheel. I brought it home and hung it up. I flanked it on either side with two oil lamps that I already owned. It looks terrific and makes me happy when I see it.

  17. I have to agree that art is all about how you feel. I have seen many pieces of pricey art that makes me shake my head and say "huh"? I like pieces that make me feel a certain way; such as something that reminds me of a place I visited, memories. A piece that highlights some of the things I adore about all four seasons……In any case, it has to make me feel good, but art means so many things I think, to so many people!

  18. Art is what you want it to be, to have because you like it's form, colour or technique and makes a statement. Somebodies ideas and time has been poured into its creation and that makes it special. Liz

  19. nice to discuss this topic mrs lee brown,
    art is nothing but it GOD'S gift. in every human being on this earth god has gifted that..but it is diffrent in every one..and so they are special or creative in that field…ya but main thing is that we have to know and spark it from our skills..
    And so we have gifted the art in INTERIORS…so we are creative and bring it out by modifing and creating the new innovations in this field..
    in real life i am business student but i create many ideas by art so others are shocking that i am in this field…and one most helping person is LEE BROWN… who guided me from her art…THANK YOU LEEji….

  20. ya u r right lee,, as an Indian I think art should be like it can give u the peace and relax, as wellas a new height of thinking..

    gyanendra pratap singh'
    interior designer and vaastu consultant..

  21. Hiya,

    Arts is everywhere!!!!!most especially within yourself because what people express is what we admire..

  22. Hi maam.

    Art to me is a deep way of expressing yourself and how you feel on the inside. In the aspect of sculpture and paintings, art could interprit the kind of person an individual is.It may be his personality,how versatile, and how individuals think and relate with their environment at large.

    Art is a beautiful expression of life because it unites” life” i.e. everything living and inanimate in a harmonious way

  23. I'm not usually inclined to surround myself with stuff from the modern, plastic world we're trapped in and I always find myself looking for some classic American-style artwork to surround myself with at home. I recently picked up a piece of amazing stoneware pottery and a beautiful handpainted floorcloth at Banbury Crosse and I've gotta say, although some of the stuff seems a little bit expensive, the quality is amazing. It's impossible to find any of this kind of stuff at any store I shop at near home. Highly recommended.

  24. art! art! just as you said from the beginning is about how you feel but i believe as an artist everything you do is about art. i see art everywhere on the drying line, the arrangement of the groceries in a shop…… but then i realise its just me so therefore art is not aurrounding yourselves with expensive artwork or paintings but even in the way your bowls are packed, the way you dress is art.

  25. Hi,I am Sandhya. Art is an expression of the Divine in all of us. It touches our hearts be it melodious music or a beautiful painting. It is a God's gift to human beings since that is what differentiates us from animals. When there is no art in our lives, we become animals or plain machines. Hence it is important to accomodate art in our daily lives by keeping our homes and offices beautiful.

  26. Hi,I am Sandhya. Art is an expression of the Divine in all of us. It touches our hearts be it melodious music or a beautiful painting. It is a God's gift to human beings since that is what differentiates us from animals. When there is no art in our lives, we become animals or plain machines. Hence it is important to accomodate art in our daily lives by keeping our homes and offices beautiful.

  27. i love art and i paint as a hobby and it is usually how i am feeling inside or the things i imagine in my head that i might not be able to express with words. so i would say art is the expression of the inner self or mind.

  28. hi i am nidhi,art i think is within u.one can experience it,but its only the way u see at it .i personally think art is creative and it comes naturally to u i dont think u have to lern it .i respect and admire artists .

  29. Yeah I guess everyone has got different ideas of what art is…mmh there are some feelings which can't be expressed by word of mouth…art is a strong weapon that people use to communicate…and I think thats why not everyone understands art…it is something that needs a creative person,a social person,and a very calm n relaxed person…art is a way of communication…u cnt hear buh u cn c wat it rily says…u can express love thru art,u can express joy,u can express sorrow n etc…i find those who understand art lucky coz nawt evry1 hs gawt diz ability…so doz who know wat ART is pleas show the world ur talent thankyou!

  30. Hi Lee
    I feel like you about art! When I look at art I want to know what it is I am looking at. Someone that can paint a beautiful person or the beautiful earth we live in and you don't have to do contortions trying to figue out what it might be is art and a REAL artist! The other people have no talent,if they did you would know what it is your looking at instantly!

  31. Lee
    I feel the same as you about art! I want to know what it is I am looking at! I love the old masters.