Get Rid of It and Breathe

Get Rid of It and Breathe

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I have to confess, I am a bit of a hoarder, I love memories and relate things I own to the experiences I have had. But there comes a point in ones life when you have had so many experiences and have collected so much stuff, that there is just no more room for new experiences. Times that by five and you can imagine how much stuff my family has in our home. No room to breathe and I am constantly looking for homes for all the things that live on the floor, or are stacked in piles.

It recently got to a point when I decided that enough is enough, (I think it may have been when the entire contents of the house were thrown on the floor in the earthquakes we have had and I had to tidy it all up). I have my head to store memories, I don’t need things I will never use again, things I have never unpacked out of boxes after moving three times. If I haven’t used it in 10 years, is it really important? 
So I have started the major declutter job. Room by room I am getting rid of all the “stuff” that hasn’t been used, toys that are no longer loved by the children and all of a sudden I can breathe again. The house looks tidier, the kids don’t have so many things to leave lying around on the floor and when we open the cupboards, we don’t have to brace ourselves to catch something falling out.

Emily’s Bedroom

It is so easy to go shopping and by something new to decorate our homes, and it doesn’t take long before the interior starts to look cluttered and the theme or design concept we have for the room gets lost. Our design taste matures as our knowledge increases and we gradually change what styles we like. Let’s face it, interior design is a fashion, colorways change every season, new trends come and go. Do we change our interior as often? I would love to say yes, but as a busy working mother of three, I am afraid, that shopping for our home interior design trend upgrade is always last on the list, so we just keep falling behind. But that is not the case for others with a little more free time on their hands. I just want to give you a little advice. If you buy something new and bring it into the home, sacrifice something old and get rid of it. It is easier to do then, than let it all pile up and fill up your interior with loads of mis-matched styles and fads. Less is best. Pick out a few items that are in fashion or the new design trends and show them off, make them the focal point, you will feel so much better and be able to breathe in your interior.

The Kitchen

I have an article on decluttering that may give you a few more tips if you are serious like me. I can’t believe how much better we are all feeling. Give it a go. Sell your old stuff and get a bit of extra cash for something new, or give it away to someone who needs it and give yourself a warm fuzzy. Whatever the case, there are only so many possessions we need around us. Make them quality possessions that make you feel good.

I had better get back to it, got a few things to get rid of while Chris isn’t looking and the kids are sleeping!

PS, what do you think of the photos? Love the mess a natural disaster makes!

Another PS, Emily has just launched her own website at eight years old. You might want to take a look, it is very cute and she is very proud of it. So is her mother and father!

3 thoughts on “Get Rid of It and Breathe”

  1. You make me think of my deceased dad who was your type of hoarding old things for memory sake,while I was the complete opposite.Needless to tell you how much fuss it'd create when I'd throw away his old things. well for me tidiness is more important than some old memories.

  2. u make me think of my deceased dad. he was your kind of hoarding all his old things for memory sake while I was the complete opposite.needless to tell u there was always a lot of fuss when I'd throw away something.I don't know why,but it has always been natural for me to get rid of things that are no longer in use…may be for the sake of tidiness

  3. I absolutely agree with you, there's a total mess in the closet and can't find any item when I need it….I need to get rid of the garbage / unused stuff and make place to others to come so I can….breath!

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