Why do Interior Designers choose Red for Interiors?

What meanings does Red have?

As interior designers, our special tool is our in depth understanding of color and how it makes people feel, how it can change the essence of a room and what emotions it triggers. Imagine having so much control of how people feel, pretty cool. Being a color consultant or interior decorator is a powerful profession, you change the way people feel and make their lives better. Watch and read on to see how you can pick up a few tips about the color red and how you can use that knowledge in your design work.

Red Color Meanings

Stop Signal, Warm, Stimulating, Celebratory, Bullying, Physical, Impulsive, Sensuous, Extreme, Athletic, Luck, Love, Romance, Aids Digestion, Advances, Opulence, Power, Danger Signal, Arouses, Hot, Passionate, Rich, Increases Strength, Courage, Fire, Vigorous, Angry, Assertive, Exciting, Provides Strength, Luxury, Bold, Brave, Increases Blood Pressure, Increases Respiratory Rate, Generates Aggression, Excitement, Vitality, Physical Power, Flatters Skin Color.

Watch the video, listen to some music and get an understanding of how red can be used for interiors.

We are all very familiar with red color meanings as it is used so often used to make us take action. Stop at a traffic light, buy something when we see a sale sticker for example.

red Chinese pater lanterns

Red is a brave color and carries good luck, it is a very popular and important color in Asian societies. These paper lanterns are symbols of wealth, fame, and prosperity. The lanterns are used to celebrate the many occasions of joy and harmony, for example weddings, the opening of a new business, family reunions, as well as the celebration of numerous festivals.

color blocking with red.

Red is a great attention grabber, so it is really useful color to use for color blocking. See how it makes this apartment block stand out from a crowd! Neutral grey exterior with a block of racy red.

a red house

Used on the exterior of a house provides the feeling of opulence and is also a very brave choice, not many people have a red house, it’s a bold and impulsive decision, but it looks fantastic.

interior design course

Red is a common color for front doors however, it really guides you to the entry of a home. Can’t get lost with this front door.

red dress

An extrovert who wears a red suit to a business meeting will get noticed, not only for their boldness in color choice, but the sense of power that it carries. This red evening gown creates a sense of drama in her wake, powerful and forceful. Red is the color of roses that we receive on valentines day, romance and lust, it is an exciting color, stimulating and of course exciting.

How do we use it in the home?

We use red with a great deal of caution because if you use too much it can be overwhelming and over stimulating. Use it sparingly and based on what you want to use the room for, don’t paint your bedroom walls red, you’ll never get to sleep as it increases your respiratory rate, you usually want to lower your heart rate, relax and sleep in the bedroom. To make a room feel cozy you can use it for the walls, it will enclose the space, but it does make it more intimate, ok for rooms where you won’t be spending a lot of time.

It is not often used in large areas as it is a stimulating color, but used to highlight and create the element of romance, love and passionate luxury through the use of drapery and accessories. It can be used as accents, that is where red really excels.

bedroom chair

A red chair in a bedroom is the perfect example of an accessory. The rest of the room is calm and peaceful.

One area where people don’t think about using it is for the dressing room, a very private space in your home, it flatters the skin and you will look your best when putting on your makeup and getting dressed.

Using red around a fireplace immediately hints of cosy warmth, even if it is not lit. A red wall in the entrance of your home suggests bold opulence and luxury.

Red is a vibrant and powerful color, fabulous for the dining room, and it’s making a huge comeback for living rooms as bold accents make a very assertive statement of style.

red door

Red is the color of extroverts and very popular for painting front doors as it is rich, opulent and bold making a very solid statement.

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