Tips for a Tidy House

Tips for Keeping a Tidy House When you are Selling

We are currently in the process of selling our house. Sounds easy enough, but it is the opposite. Trying to keep a tidy house is almost impossible as we have a family to manage as well.

Here are a few things that we have done to try and make the job of keeping a tidy house easier, I thought there may be others who are also sharing this experience or are about to embark on it.

Tips for a tidy house
Make everyone responsible for their own space.

Firstly, clear out all the things that you don’t need. The less there is to tidy the easier it is to keep neat.

Box up all your things that you use once a year and store them somewhere else, or decide if you really need them, and make a decision, keep and store, sell or give away.

Write up a list of who is responsible for keeping certain areas tidy. This way it keep individuals focused on their space.

Keep a tidy house, look after your kitchen.
Don’t use your kitchen – no, just kidding!

Eat out or order in! No, just kidding but wouldn’t that be an easy option. Make sure that you clean up after each meal, don’t leave dishes and food to accumulate. Who does that you say? Believe me, when you have a full house it only takes one. Kids who love to snack do this, they make a quick sandwich, leave out the cutting board, the juice container, and a knife, then the next person in the kitchen leaves an empty packet of crackers, the next an empty bottle and a glass, it soon quietly starts to stack up and create a mess.

Stay on top of things once you have the house tidy. As you walk around the house if you see something out of place in your lovely interior designed home then pick it up and deal with it straight away instead of waiting until later.

Add fresh flowers around the house, these make your house look like a home and they give you the extra feel good that you need to stay motivated to keep up the extra clean and tidy routine.

Add fresh flowers, they make the house look like a home.
Add fresh flowers

Vacuum frequently as it stops you moving dirt and dust around from one room to another.

Leave a cleaning cloth in the bathroom beside or under the basin to wipe it down when you have finished using it reduces the build up of soap scum and water marks making it quicker to clean on your regular clean.

Use door mats to reduce the amount of dirt and footprints coming into the house.

These are just a few ideas to keep a tidy house when selling your home, you can find loads more ideas here.

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