How to Cure Interior Designer’s Block

You have heard of writer’s block, but what about interior designer’s block?

Boy, it’s worse by far.


Because people employ us to be creative and we don’t have years to do it like some novel writers have, we can’t just walk away and come back in a few weeks. People are waiting for something exciting and new, a creation that will fulfill their dreams, and they want it now. They want fresh new ideas, something different to everyone else, and why shouldn’t they get it?

interior designer's block
Empty head, not a creative thought in sight!

They should, but sometimes you feel that you just don’t have anything more to give. Your ideas have dried up, the brief you have to work with is boring and uninspiring or worst of all you just can’t be bothered. Oh no……what do you do?

What do you do when you just can’t create anymore?

Take a holiday!

Yes, go and do something completely different. You don’t have to jump on a plane and take a weeks long vacation, but take some time out and recharge you batteries. Have a change of scenery. Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go, visit the library or museum, sit on the river bank, visit the beach, go for a walk in the forest, bungy jump!

Step outside your comfort zone and clear you mind to allow it to fill back with your creativity.
Getting a new perspective on life can make a huge change to your creativity and the way you approach your design.

Do something outside your comfort zone, find something exciting to do and get the adrenalin going again. Buy yourself flowers, eat a whole box of chocolates, try some spicy food, visit a restaurant you normally just walk past, absorb some other cultures, join a group activity, get involved in something different.

I guess what I am trying to say is re energize yourself away from interior design. Forget about it for a while and that way when you come back to the project that gave you designers block you will be able to approach it with a fresh perspective on life, you may see the project in a different light, and just wait, you will start to see all sorts of new and interesting ideas pop into your head, the brainstorming of ideas will start to flow again!

I speak from experience. Personally when I get designer’s block, I go to the pool! I swim and it is amazing how the experience of floating, moving through the water and hearing it gurgling in your ears cleans out your mind and I come out rejuvenated and full of enthusiasm and ideas, I don’t know what it is but just getting away from the office and everything design related makes a big difference. This works for me, but everyone is different and you will find your own designer’s block cure over time. I hope this has given you some ideas for when it happens to you!

Swimming helps me clear my Interior Designer's block.
Swimming helps me clear my Interior Designer’s block. In fact I often solve a design problem under water!

I haven’t got any other specific articles on the website related to interior designer’s block but if you want to read more about creating you could visit color and nature or how to create a color scheme, the design process.

Bye for now.

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4 thoughts on “How to Cure Interior Designer’s Block”

  1. wow…fantastic Lee, thanx a lot for this advise. I get a lot into the design block & never know what to do. It really puts me in the blues whenever I get one of those blocks…I will try your method for sure as it sounds exciting & working with you…
    Thanx again 🙂

  2. hi dear lee , thanks for emails .
    they help me for had better .
    i dont write for you becuse i cant speak english .
    for all

  3. hi LEE
    asmaa here thanks for always being there in touch u mails and courses really made a diffrence for me i changed my boring room into a proper bedroom which looks more lively now by using as low bugdet as possible and have also chnaged the whole theme of my friends bedroom as well as they were impressed THE WHOLE CREDIT GOES TO U !!!!!

  4. hay Lee
    thanks you for this advise
    Personally it is Happened to me In a project at the University . tha holiday was vere Useful to me
    Thanx again

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