Cushions Throws and Pillows – Interior Design Tip

Use Pillows and Throws to create a theme, style and comfort.

An interior decorator’s secret weapon is the ability to place cushions, pillows, and throws to create a sense of place. To make a warm homely feel, create a stylish formal space, or a functional interior. Pillows and throws are a great tool to make a real difference in an interior. Check out the photos to follow and see how the designer has used pillows, throws, and cushions.

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Casual and comfortable throws and cushions

The rich color on the walls creates a moody feel to this interior, loads of natural sunlight filtered with hanging plants, and a wonderful Throw adding warmth and casual texture to the space. The cushions are rich bold colors in the same color weight as the walls creating a welcoming warm and cozy interior.

Formal throws and pillows relax the room.

Another bold wall color, more formal than the last, but once again the use of the fur throw and the bold green throw make it an inviting space to spend the evening with good conversation. The cushions have been placed more for functionality than take the center screen, leave that to the painting on the wall for the focal point.

How many pillows on the bed are too many?

Luxury Bedroom, the bed is dressed with pillows, or is it over-dressed? I think it looks amazing but is it practical, every night you have to take them all off before you can find the bed and then trip over them during the night on the floor? Whilst I love how they create a statement and a focal point, I am not a huge fan of multiple pillows on the bed. I do love the color, texture, and pattern combination in this image.

A simple throw takes away the formality of this room.

The floor rug creates the conversation space in this living room. It holds all the pieces together, whilst formal in its placement of furniture, it is casual in the style of furniture and simplicity of adornment. However, to provide the sense of casual conversation, there is a throw placed irregularly to soften the formal structure of the space.

Functional cushions.

Sometimes cushions are used for practical purposes rather than just aesthetics, you can see here that they are used in a window seat to create the back of the seat against the window.

Casual and comfy chair.

The lonely chair, waiting for a good book and a relaxed person to sit on it and waste a few hours away with the support of a pillow and the warmth of a throw. Can you imagine how static this picture would look if you took away the pillow and throw?

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at using cushions, pillows and throws for creating comfort in the home.  See more Interior Design Tips

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