Color Week at Willow College – Day 2

It’s Color Week at Willow College – Day 2 more Colorful Photos for You

We love color and we know you do too. We hope you enjoyed yesterdays photos – you can find day one photos of color week here. Here is a new color photo series today please feel free to make comments, we would love to hear what you think. And of course as we are ramping up our Pinterest account – please share there too.  Now it’s time to sit back and appreciate color for the true hero that it is. We wouldn’t have a job as an interior designer without our trusty sidekick color to get us across the finish line.

So Here is Today’s Color Week Interior Color Photo

Lots of Color

I really love the surprise this image gave me. I wasn’t expecting so much color. It is a wonderful mural, so much to look at, I love the pattern combinations and the juxtaposition of the colors truly enhances their boldness. It’s great just to stop and admire other people’s work.

Here’s Today’s Color Week Inspiration Photo

color inspiration

The detail in this image really takes my breath away, the shading graduations of color really makes it look 3 dimensional.  There are a lot of colors which are combined really well and provide inspiration to me, and I hope to you too. The orange and the blue combination look fabulous.

Here’s Today’s Action Photo from – that means you need to take action! Go take a look yourself, share on Pinterest or Facebook – spread the word, it’s Color Week after all.

interior color course

We have a new Color Course available – hence my not so subtle sales pitch for color week!

If you want to learn more about how to use color for interiors, either for your own home, to become a color consultant or boost your interior decorating skills then this course will be ideal for you providing a good range of new skills for you. You can find out more from Color for Interiors

Thanks for visiting the color course page and sharing our pictures – another hint if you haven’t already. More great color photos tomorrow.

If you like today’s images and missed yesterdays – you can find Color Week Day 1 Photos here.

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