As an Interior Designer, do I Need a Pinterest Account?

Do I need a Pinterest account as an Interior Designer?

Yes, you do need a Pinterest account as an Interior Designer! If you want to stay in touch with design trends, get inspiration and be organized, it is vital that you set up a Pinterest account. I am sure you currently browse the internet for design inspiration, by using Pinterest you can set up your own boards and categorize them to review at a later date. It’s a really useful tool.

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For example – bathrooms, bedrooms, children’s bedrooms color inspiration or be more specific, white interiors, black and white interiors, neutral kitchens, front doors. You browse and save to your folders for reviewing in the future. It’s a great tool for then being able to quickly browse through when you are working on a project and looking for design inspiration.

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There is nothing worse than having an image that you have seen in your head that you know has a design element in it that you want to share with a client because you think it is the sort of feature that they are trying to explain to you and you can’t remember where you saw it! If you use the Pinterest boards (essentially a filing system for your design ides) then you can easily find that image. It’s also a great way to rejig your design creativity when you are having a flat patch and need inspiration. The other thing is you can also find products on it to buy. Useful for an interior designer.

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Another way to use it is to set up mood boards for a client or project. You can set up a board and collate all the images that create the vision for your design concept. What could be easier? Your client can go and take a look and it saves having a face to face meeting.

I have a video where I talk about mood boards – I also discuss Pinterest here at

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If you want to take a look at the boards that I have created – I have two accounts – one for and one for and I add to them on a daily basis. and Pinterest and Pinterest 

Go and take a look now, set up an account and follow me! Have fun!

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