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The Interior Design Course at WillowCollege.com is an interactive way to start your Interior Design education.

Interior Design Course


The Interior Design Course is at an introductory level and suitable for:

  • People with a general interest in interiors
  • People who want to be an interior decorator
  • Students looking to have a go at learning about interiors to confirm career choices for the future
  • Interior Designers who want to refresh their knowledge
  • Interior Designers who want to prepare to step up a level in their career
  • Interior Designers who want to prepare to start their own business
  • People wanting to be a color consultant
  • People who currently work in interior design retail
  • People who currently work with soft furnishings or curtains
  • People who want to work in home staging
  • People with an interest in DIY home renovation
  • People who currently work in a home store to improve their knowledge for customers
  • People who currently work in a paint store to get a better understanding of color
  • People who currently work in a furniture store to get a better understanding of styles of furniture and upholstery
  • People who currently work in a department store to be able to put furnishings together for display and increased sales
  • People who are building a new home and want to understand all the elements of design that they have to make selections and decisions on
  • Architects who want some interior design knowledge
  • Project Managers who want to get an understanding on how interiors go together
  • People who want to change careers without the huge cost and time investment
  • Retired people wanting a hobby for their spare time
  • Stay at home parents wanting to gain some skills and knowledge whilst they care for their children
  • Students undertaking Interior Design Courses elsewhere for additional practice and learning
  • All closet interior designers
Interior Design

Covers the Following Topics


Curtains, Blinds and Drapery

Styles and Periods, History of Design

Design Definitions



Documentation – Drafting and Measuring



Design Theory


Design Business

Specifications and Quotations/Estimations

History of Furniture

Fittings and Fixtures


Willow College Interior Design

How Does it Work?

Once you enrol you have access to your lessons from a dashboard, the dashboard tracks your progress. You can view your lessons on your personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. As long as you have access to the internet you can have access to your course. The course is made up of different topics (shown above) each topic has small bite sized lessons so that you can do them on the run and you can stay focused for 3 minutes. They are interactive so that you actively engage in the learning process making it fun and memorable. The lessons are tracked and you view your dashboard to see your progress. You can gain badges as you achieve milestones and certificates when you successfully complete a topic. There is an online community where you can talk in a secure place with like minded design enthusiasts. If you have a few friends also doing the course, you can track each other and provide motivation and encouragement. This course is all about learning in a fun and interactive way at your own pace.

How Much Does it Cost?

The course for this course is USD $99.95 There are no time limits. You can do as little as one topic, or complete them all, it depends what you want to achieve with your learning. To be eligible for certificates at the end of each topic you must complete the entire topic group of lessons and the tests.

Do I have to do Homework or Assignments?

No, all the lessons are completed online. Some lessons will have optional reading for your interest but it is not compulsory. We want to make learning achievable for you, so we don’t want to burden you with trying to fit in large researched assignments.

What if I want to talk to a real person?

You can be reassured that there are real people behind this course. You can email any areas where you don’t understand questions and we will reply, sometimes things can be explained in a different way, then it is easier to understand. We will be available via a webinar on a regular basis to do any realtime question and answer sessions.

Do I get a qualification?

If you pass all the necessary tests per topic you will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the completion of that topic. If you complete the entire Interior Design Course you will get an overall Certificate of Achievement to validate all your hard work.

How do I Enrol?

Visit the Interior Design Course to enrol now.
We hope to have you on board and fulfill your dreams of being an Interior Designer.

The lessons have been written by Chris and Lee Brown from the website interiordezine.com

Interior Design Course
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