Why use white for interiors?

What meanings does white have?

We need to understanding how color psychology effects color choice for interior designers. Color evokes emotions so we have to make sure that we create the right ones in the right room! White is not technically a color, it is a neutral, but we will call it a color to make life simple. White light has all the colors in the color spectrum, we just can’t see them because they are being reflected back at us. The neutral colors range from white, through the grays to black.

Color Meanings and Color Associations

White Color Meanings - Sense of Cleanliness, Hygienic, Simplistic, Safe, Clinical, Joy, Innocence, Hope, Purity, Unspoiled, Enlightenment, Individualism, Idealism, Indecision, Optimism, Cool, Refreshing, Sterile, Stark, Openness, Expansive, Reflective.

In interior design often associated with bathrooms, kitchens, art galleries, office buildings, hospitals, Doctors surgeries, Dentists, Vets, pools, gyms, changing rooms.
Watch the video, listen to the music and get an understanding of how white is used for interiors.

White is one of the most commonly used color in interior design. It is predominant in areas where bathing, cleaning and food preparation are prevalent. No guesses why here! It’s due to the fact that you can see anything that appears on it and clean it up, keeping the surfaces clean and germ free.

White pure and hygienic kitchen

As you can see, a white kitchen is very popular, from the marble floor, the lacquered cabinetry, stone counter top, tiled walls and white painted walls and ceiling. There isn’t a speck of dirt that won’t be seen in this kitchen! You see by using white it creates a pure and open feeling, a sense of safety and security, as well as a hygienic and sophisticated look. You have probably seen numerous variations of this popular style of kitchen.

White safe and secure in a nursery.

White reflects all light so it makes spaces appear larger and that is why it is used on ceilings. It is also why it is a good choice for smaller rooms like a nursery. It provides a sense of cleanliness, purity, serenity and safety in this baby’s nursery. It also looks larger than it is!

Cleanliness, light and airy, hygienic, restful in this bathroom.

Ever popular for bathrooms, especially using traditional marble. As mentioned most ceilings are white as they reflect light and make the ceiling look high. The majority of bathrooms use it as most fittings and fixtures are white, there are always trends of other colored fittings and fixtures passing through but white is by far the most popular. It gives us the clear impression of cleanliness and good hygiene, as long as you do keep it clean!

Keep it simple

It is refreshing and cool in hot environments, it is elegant and simple. You can see it works very well with timber and house plants. It has been used here to disguise worn and tatty timber walls.

Ideal for displaying artwork

It is a very useful color when starting out in interior decorating or design. If you start with white walls and gradually build up color around it, this is the safe way to get confidence using color. It is an excellent backdrop for displaying artwork, as it allows for the viewer to focus on the art and not be distracted by color on the walls.

Black and white contrast

Using all the neutrals here and a pop of primary color – red. Creates a very high contrast interior. White combines well with black to form a stunning high contrast look with the wallpaper here. You will have seen black and white checked flooring many times in bathrooms and kitchens.

It is a color typically used with modernist interiors, so that the form of the construction and overall architecture are the focal points.

It is teamed up with other colors frequently, teamed with yellow it creates a crisp fresh feel and with red it suggests a nautical theme, with blue it provides a timeless look, who doesn’t think of China when we see blue and white ceramics. You can simply team any color up with it and you can’t fail. That is why it is so popular for interiors.

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