Why we are transforming Interiordezine com to WillowCollege

Welcome back, in our last email and video, we told you about our journey with, we hope you have a better understanding of where we have come from and now we can explain where we now want to go to. If you missed that email – you can find it on our website along with the video here.

We’d like to thank you for some wonderful feedback we received. We’ll share just a few now, as it’s so humbling to receive emails like these. Once again Lee has had a go at making a video, we are sure over time that she will get better!

Watch the video or read the email – it’s up to you.

Hello Lee,
I just wanted to say congratulations on the move forward. I have been a subscriber for many years to Interiordezine (pretty close to when you started it) and have loved it and I look forward to Willow College and its content. Following your dreams is not easy, it takes hard work (which you and your husband have done) and sacrifices (again the both of you have done) and most of all the desire to see it through (which obviously both of you have). You will be helping so many people with your dream.
My best wishes for a prosperous future for you and your family.
Sincerely, Autumn Nunamaker

Wooow! I’m so inspired with your story, life knocks us down that makes many to live a life they never intended to but only focus on survival factors, getting back to what you what you enjoy doing best was a kind of a passion that has amazed me, you guys are doing great, I enjoy your lessons. Stay blessed.
Regards Emmanuel George

I love your honesty and courage to share your story, I have been greatly encouraged to continue my journey into success in my interior design. I now understand that challenges and perseverance brings out the best in the pursuit to greatness, keep it up, many are following you around the world,
From Edibau Eke-Spiff – Port Harcourt Nigeria

Thank you for sharing your story. I thoroughly enjoy hearing from you and look forward to receiving more education on interior design. Your course has helped me to expand my interests and I am now busy consulting for business owners who want to change and improve their shops. I love what I do now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely to help change people’s lives.
Kind regards Thea, South Africa

Reading this just made me realize what you both had to sacrifice to make your passion work. Am so touched and inspired. Your great people not usual, I salute you both. Much love and bless you always.
Thank You, Dapheen

By now you will see that we don’t give up once we start something important but we have just both given up our jobs to focus on our new project – Willow College. We have been called “Mad”, “Crazy”, “Foolish”, “Stupid” and many other names by our family and friends for leaving our jobs but we really believe that this new project – WillowCollege will help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and it just has to be done. Whether you believe changing lives is important or not, we do. We are not Doctors of Nurses healing the sick but we do believe that we really help people, and give them a better lifestyle for themselves or by them being able to help others.

Shelter is one of the essential components for us to survive, along with the more obvious – food, water and air. We need somewhere to live and but understanding the principles of interior design we can make places that people live more inviting, healthy, energy efficient as well as the obvious – making them look good. Reinforcing this we receive so much feedback from students about how they feel so good making changes for other peoples environments it provides us with the incentive to keep going. You heard from some of the students earlier so you can see why we love hearing stories of their journeys.

August 2019 – we now have the course up and running. Thanks for reading or watching. Please we encourage you to share this email and video with your friends, especially if they love interior design. Bye for now.

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