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Learn Interior Design at WillowCollege.com – fun learning with small lessons, no textbooks or classrooms. Progress your interior design knowledge with 3 minute bite-sized lessons, anywhere, anytime with WillowCollege.com

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I know how hard it is to study while you work and keep up with paying the bills. I had to attend classes, work and pay a mortgage when I studied to become an Interior Designer. Then work all night to get my assignments done. I made it but it was not a fun and enjoyable experience. That is why I am so passionate about helping others learn and I want to make it a fun and pleasurable experience.

Our goal here at Willow College is to make you the best Interior Designer you can be, without having to make a fulltime commitment to study, interrupting your already busy life or spending all your hard earned cash.

Small lessons completed on a regular basis mean you retain the information, enjoy the process and can fit it into your current lifestyle without having to give up your day job or break the bank to pay the fees.

We are here to help you become the Interior Designer you have always wanted to be.

Lee Brown – Director of Willow College

Why Choose WillowCollege to Learn Interior Design?

We use easy to understand language, show examples and make it fun. Lots of small quizzes to keep checking your progress. We easily fit your learning into your lifestyle, a couple of lessons a day in less than the time to drink a cup of coffee! How amazing is that. We have a long history of teaching interior design online – over 18 years. We are a pioneer in the industry and we are still here. Too often we put off what our heart wants us to do, for so many reasons, most often is that we are always looking after everyone else and run out of time to commit to upskilling and enjoying a new learning experience. With our courses, you can slot them into your day without having to travel and sit in a classroom, without interrupting your daily routine, just do a lesson every time you have a coffee break or are waiting at the bus stop, train station, waiting to pick up kids from school or one of our least favorite things – waiting at the dentist surgery! Anytime you would normally check your phone for social media updates or check your email, you can now learn something useful instead, you will suddenly become aware of how many little pieces of time we waste scrolling through social media. I am also guilty of this! Invest in that time and yourself, add a course to your shopping cart today!

Secure Payments

We use secure payment systems. Paypal, Stripe, Google Pay and Apple Pay to accept your credit card our account details, we don’t keep any personal financial information.

Best Offers

Our one time fees won’t break the bank, affordable one time payment.

Best Quality

Learn from professional Interior Designers, Chris Brown with over 35 Years experience and Lee Brown with over 25.

Design Without Boundaries

Anyone from anywhere can learn with WillowCollege. We have students from New Zealand to Italy, Kenya to Singapore, Nigera to Malta, anywhere there is an internet connection – students are connecting!

Where to from Here?

Choose the course that most interests you, add it to your cart, purchase and you can get started right now!

We not only have our amazing courses but we also provide additional free information via video on YouTube, through images on Instagram, we have a Facebook page and we hang out in Twitter.

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