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Time to discover the wonderful world of interior decorating. It doesn’t matter what your decorating skills are now, this course will teach you what you need to know. You just have to take the first step to your beautiful new future now. Just add the course to your cart and you can get started today. Have fun!
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Online Interior Decorating Course

Do you love decorating your home? Do your friends think you have a special talent? Do you want to take that talent further? Why not a new career or side hustle in Interior Decorating?

Learn the skills to make interior decorating your career or side hustle, new hobby or career. Take your creative self to the next level with an online course. It’s easy when you know how.

Online Learning – How Does it Work? Learn anywhere, anytime on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  Three minute lessons easily slip into your daily routine. Gain interior decorating confidence, change how your see the world of interiors with color, pattern, texture, furniture, lighting and more. Learn processes to guide you with how to layer an interior and create the finishing touches.

Our Online Interior Decorating Course is a Step By Step Blueprint for Your Success.

Here are the the Amazing Topics you will Discover:

Color – Demystifies color and provides you with a solid understanding of how we see color, how to use color, how to manipulate color combinations and the skills required to create confidence to color like a professional.

Materials – Fabrics, tiles, carpet, paint, wallpaper and flooring products.

Decoration – How to pull your interior decorating together.

20th Century Furniture – A wonderful period of furniture innovation – learn about the innovators and discover some of their amazing and timeless pieces of furniture.

Design Theory – Learn about proportion, balance, harmony and unity, scale, mood boards and more.

Design Business – How to set up and successfully run your own business, the in’s and outs.

Styles and Periods – A brief history of popular styles and the well know periods of design.

History of Furniture – A brief history of furniture designers and the furniture they mastered.

Lighting – How and why we see color, light and the influences it has on our mood. A good color scheme needs lighting to make it a great color scheme – the two go hand in hand.

Presentation – Why you need a mood or concept board and how to create one. Presentation processes to explain your color scheme.

Working with Clients – How to manage meetings and documentation to ensure you and your client are on the same page.

Curtain Design – Get knowledge on the different types of windows and how to select the best curtain or blind as well as fabrics and how to use them.

Fittings and Fixtures – A brief understanding of plumbing and electrical fittings and fixtures.


Who are the professional Interior Designers behind WillowCollege?

Chris and Lee Brown have a global presence from their 18 years of teaching interior design online with They have changed the way hundreds of thousands of students now look at the world of interiors. Opening up their eyes to design, how it works and how they can personally find their design niche in the industry. WillowCollege is the next level of design education, allowing access to learn anywhere, anytime in a format that records their progress and allows them to learn at their own pace. Chris and Lee both share their strengths through the courses to teach you real world skills and tricks gained from years of experience.

What now?

Are you ready? I know, it sounds like a lot to learn but don’t worry about all those topics, they are broken down into small bite sized pieces making it quick and easy to power through them in no time at all. It doesn’t matter what your decorating skills are now, this course will teach you what you need to know, you just have to take the first step to your new future now. So what now? Just add the course to your cart at the top of the page and get started today. Go on, you know you want to!


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