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Great to see you are interested in learning with us. Take a free trial for a week and see if the format suits you before you buy. There are a selection of different lessons with quizzes. Hopefully after trialing a few lessons you will be comfortable with the quality of our work and want to purchase a course to take you to the next level of your interior design, decorating or color career. Just add the course to your cart, it’s free of charge and you can get started today. Have fun and we hope you will join us!
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Online Interior Free Trial Course

Do you love interiors? Are you ready to take on a new hobby or even a new career working with interiors?

No one wants to part with their hard earned money if you don’t know what you will get for it. So please feel free to try out some random lessons selected from our online courses and see if you like the format and want to spend your hard earned money with us to learn more.  With our free trial course for one week you can easily learn the skills to make color, curtains, interior decorating or interior design your new hobby or career.

Online Learning – How Does it Work? Learn anywhere, anytime on your smart phone, tablet or PC.  Three minute lessons easily slip into your daily routine. Gain color confidence, change how your see the world of color, curtains or interiors. Learn processes to guide you.

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Who are the professional Interior Designers behind

Chris and Lee Brown Willow College
Chris and Lee Brown have a global presence from their 18 years of teaching interior design online with They have changed the way hundreds of thousands of students now look at the world. Opening up their eyes to design, how it works and how they can personally find their design niche in the industry. WillowCollege is the next level of design education, allowing access to learn anywhere, anytime in a format that records their progress and allows them to learn at their own pace. Chris and Lee both share their strengths through the courses to teach you real world skills and tricks gained from years of experience.

What now with your free trial course?

Are you ready for your free trial course? Have a go at the lessons and see what you think. They are broken down into small bite sized pieces making it quick and easy to wizz through them in no time at all. Just add the course to your cart at the top of the page, you won’t be charged and you will get access for 7 days. So get started today. You won’t regret it. Then come and join us.


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