Interior Decorating for Christmas

Christmas is the one time of year that almost everyone changes the decor in their home.

For better or for worse?

That is often up for debate, but I know from experience that watching people decorate their homes for Christmas brings them a great deal of pleasure. From the simplest wreath on the front door to the whole house being lit up like a Christmas tree, the scope of Christmas home decorating is vast.

Why do people go to so much trouble to turn their homes into living, flashing Christmas trees?

I believe that it is because they love to see the delight in people’s faces when they see what they have done. A smile is a contagious disease! Once there is one, it usually gets passed along pretty quickly. Christmas isn’t all about giving and receiving as many young today believe. It is all about new beginnings, reflection, families, happiness and of course merriness, why else do we all say “Merry Christmas”.

This year I have seen my daughter get so much pleasure from making Christmas decorations to give to her friends and family, she is like a machine, she loves it. She no sooner finishes one card or decoration, delivers it, and gets the happy response that drives her to keep making more! Making people happy is like a drug for her.

I think that this is why, year after year, we pull out the boxes of Christmas decorations, add a few new ones to brighten up the ones that are starting to fade and start decorating our homes inside and out.

Personally, I find Christmas decorating very therapeutic, it gives me time out with my family unfortunately I have had to move over as head designer of the Christmas tree as my daughter now has her own opinion on how it should look and which lucky decorations get to make it onto the tree. We have started to have an eclectic look as the children make new decorations to add each year, I used to be so fussy about our Christmas decorations but now as the years go by they are starting to provide happy memories of when each and everyone was made and given to me with love from my two children.

So in these difficult global financial times, don’t give up on decorating your home, spread the smiles and merriness and remember all the things that you have to be happy about and as a special gift from go to the homepage and download two free Christmas songs.
Both written by my talented husband Chris Brown, one performed by him “Paper Gold”.

So off you go, enjoy some Christmas music and don’t forget to spread some cheer with your Christmas interior decorating!

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  1. hi lee, merry christmas in advance. i was one of ur e-cource student and i’ve been handling some decorating jobs sucessfully since after the course though with few challenges, i want to know how i can get my cetificate, i reside in Nigeria, Africa. my e-mail address is

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