Helping Hand for Creating Color Schemes

Helping Hand for Creating Color Schemes

Creating color schemes sounds like an easy thing to do. Just look at a few swatches and pick a few colors! I once met a designer, who did exactly that, and I can tell you that the end result was awful. All the work that had gone into the architectural and interior design was ruined by the choices of color. It looked awkward and unconsidered and very unprofessional, if I was the client, I wouldn’t have been happy.

Interior designers and decorators don’t just randomly pick colors because they like them, they make well considered choices based on color theory and a good client brief of what the end expectations of the project are. That way you are guaranteed to create an interior that works for your client.

If you are interested in working with color, be it as a professional or if you just want to learn to do it for your own home decorating, then I will give you a helping hand. I have a free ecourse on color available that goes through all the aspects of creating color schemes for home interior decorating and design.

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